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The zydeco will continue until morale improves

Posted by Charles II on May 5, 2011

So there.

(Isn’t it spring in the upper Midwest?)

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Eric Cantor Is A Lying Sack Of Dung. Discuss.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 5, 2011

David Dayen must have been laughing his head off when he posted this bit of news from the Washington Post:

Senior Republicans conceded Wednesday that a deal is unlikely on a contentious plan to overhaul Medicare and offered to open budget talks with the White House by focusing on areas where both parties can agree, such as cutting farm subsidies.

On the eve of debt-reduction talks led by Vice President Biden, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) said Republicans remain convinced that reining in federal retirement programs is the key to stabilizing the nation’s finances over the long term. But he said Republicans recognize they may need to look elsewhere to achieve consensus after President Obama “excoriated us” for a proposal to privatize Medicare.

Bullshit. As David Dayen points out:

Um, Republicans aren’t dropping their Medicare phase-out plan because Obama was mean to them. They’re dropping it because it’s deeply unpopular and their constituents gave them an earful about it over the past two weeks. I’m sure this was preceded by freshman Republicans pleading with the leadership to stop the suicide mission. And no doubt Wall Street looking over the shoulder of the House GOP loomed large.

By the way, if Cantor thinks that Democrats and their allies will suddenly forgive and forget about Republicans and their vote to, yes, end Medicare, he’d better not watch TV in October 2012.

Now, Cantor is trying to take back the story. But both the story and his insistence that he’s still with Paul Ryan can be consistent. Cantor will press for the Ryan budget but the Medicare pieces won’t be a deal-breaker. I don’t know why he felt the need to pre-negotiate, but it’s a common Washington occurrence.

Flail away, Eric, fail away.

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