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Posted by Charles II on May 16, 2011

Usually I like listening to Dahlia Lithwick, one of the least toxic of the punditocracy. But in her recent show on BlogTalk radio, she tells us that the reason that justices like Thomas and Alito are so extreme is that they were brutalized in their Senate hearings.

I would point out three things: first, if someone takes revenge on completely unrelated parties because of what some Senators said about them years earlier, are they fit to sit on the Supreme Court?

Second: does Dahlia Lithwick not understand that Senate hearings for candidates for the Court constitute a job interview for a great job, with a high salary, plenty of benefits, and enormous power? Does she think that judges should not have to answer questions that are no more severe than those asked of many a job applicant?

Third: Hasn’t everything alleged against Clarence Thomas been proven to be true?

Our media: sucks. Even the best of it.

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