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Posted by Charles II on May 16, 2011

One of the saddest sights of all is academics whose work is compromised by ideological funding. The last line of defense in preventing the coal and oil company global warming denialists from overwhelming the debate has been independent peer review. But when corporate whores (with apologies to all honest sex workers) are injected into universities, then they are the ones doing the peer review. It’s like injecting cancer cells into a healthy body.

Lee Fang of Think Progress has an important piece describing how the Kochs have managed to use their money, and the destitution of academia to create just this situation. Here’s a list of the Koch brainserfs:

George Mason University
West Virginia University
Brown University’s Political Science and Economics departments
The Economics Department at Florida State University
Troy University’s Center for Political Economy
Utah State University’s Huntsman School for Business
Beloit College’s Student Research Program

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