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DSK Replacement Coming From Deutsche Bank?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 17, 2011

Ever since seeing Eliot Spitzer taken down just as he was about to get medieval on Wall Street, it’s hard for me not to wonder about the timing or intent of sex charges filed against certain prominent people who are almost never conservatives. (Google “arnold schwarzenegger rape” and you’ll see that all sorts of dark stories, going far beyond his serial gropings, followed the Gropenator all throughout his time in office, yet he never had to do a perp walk. He was so well protected that he was able to wait until after he left the Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento before he confessed to Maria that he’d fathered a kid by their longtime housekeeper. This triggered a divorce, but of course Arnold doesn’t need Maria’s Kennedy money any more — he’s got lots of his own by now and since he’s retired from politics, he doesn’t need her for window dressing any more either.)

As is well known by now, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, as IMF head, favored restructuring the debts of debtor nations like Greece rather than forcing them into economy- and people-destroying austerity plans just to please various German banksters. So now that he’s been taken down in a sex/rape scandal — something he predicted back in late April, by the way (though whether he did so to pre-emptively cast doubt on charges that might have been true is anybody’s guess) — he’s probably going to be replaced by the CEO of Deutsche Bank:
Handelsblatt is saying that Josef Ackermann, the CEO of Deutsche Bank, is being considered for the head IMF role

Pardon me while my eyebrows are raised a few inches. No wonder Nouriel Roubini thinks this stinks to high heaven.

3 Responses to “DSK Replacement Coming From Deutsche Bank?”

  1. jo6pac said

    Interesting, was he the one that pushed for Ireland debt to be cut? Then little timmy stopped it and if deutsche banker is next, WOW that should be fun. Shock Doctrine for the world just around the corner.

  2. Charles II said

    I’ll put my money on the maid. It is so difficult for women who are raped to come forward– really, for any crime victim to come forward– that most allegations are for real.

    In Spitzer’s case, they “framed” a guilty man.

    • Oh, exactly. My point is that if he were a full-on Shock Doctrinist, instead of a known Socialist, it’s a lot more likely that nobody would have listened to the maid. DSK’s mistake was not understanding that only right-wing scumbags get free passes in America.

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