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FDL Membership Drive Right NOW: Looking For A Few Good Folks

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 17, 2011

Jane Hamsher wants to talk to you RIGHT NOW about becoming an FDL member:

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Call Jane and the gang now at 202-506-3907 to become an FDL member. More on this here. Here’s an excerpt:

We had a FANTASTIC webinar conference with our members last week. We wanted to know what they thought FDL’s role should be in the 2012 election, and beyond. Every person who wanted to speak about their ideas got the opportunity to do so, and we got to hear a lot of amazing suggestions…


Clearly there are a lot of different ideas that need to be explored further. Everyone’s suggestions were treated with respect, and we focused on what kind of “next steps” we could take as a group to learn more about them.

We’re in the exploratory phase right now, and we’re going to be inviting experts on to talk with our members on future webinars before any conclusions are reached. We want to create an environment for learning about what’s possible. We’ll also be dividing up into member committees to explore different options.

And we’ll be constantly asking our members what they think, and what they want to do, in surveys that we share with them so that we can all have an idea of where we stand as a community as we make our plans for the future.

I’ve been writing for FDL for many years now. I was around for FDL’s coverage of the Scooter Libby trial. I watched as Jane and the gang accurately predicted nearly a year ahead of time what a disaster passing the WellPoint-Baucus version of “health care reform” would be, both for the Democrats and the nation. When our corporate-owned media and even many of the institutional left have been applauding every time a Democrat does something that hurts his or her party’s principles or the well-being of most Americans in the push to chase corporate campaign cash, FDL strives to keep our politicians honest at best, and to expose their hypocrisies and betrayals when they fail us.

Give Jane and Ryan a call right now at (202) 506-3907. Tell her what you think, and offer her your support. Together, we are strong.

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