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Goodbye, Harmon

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 19, 2011

Yes, this is really what he looked like in his prime.

So many people have already said so many things so much better than I ever could about the Pride of Payette, Idaho, Harmon Killebrew, that I figured I’d let the picture of his statue speak for itself.

This is the man who was the first — and one of only four men — to hit a ball out over the left-field roof of the old Tigers stadium. This is the man who had eight 40-home-run seasons during the height of the pitcher’s renaissance of the 1950s and ’60s. This is the man who the pitchers of that era (such as Tommy John) feared as they feared no other.

And all without steroids.

But, as good as he was a player — and he was good enough to make the Hall of Fame — he was an even better human being.

Goodbye, Harmon. And thanks.

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