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Bill Moyers Likes Firedoglake. A Lot.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 22, 2011

Over at FDL yesterday afternoon, Bill Moyers — yes, THE Bill Moyers, the legendary Bill Moyers, the man among men Bill Moyers — stopped by for a Book Salon dedicated to his new book Bill Moyers Journal: The Conversation Continues.

I didn’t participate, because I’m in such awe of the man that I wouldn’t have contributed much more than “thank you so much, sir, for being here”. But others did, and he engaged them quite energetically and cheerfully — and put his weight foursquare with Jane Hamsher and FDL:

I don’t see any institutional methods to achieve what you’re seeking, Margaret; the corporate media is responsive only to advertisers and ratings. We need more newspapers based as the Guardian is on a significant trust fund that can provide the income needed for great reporting. Again, it’s the Net where I base my hope. In the l840s we had a highly contentious “media” based on a thousand or more little papers around the country started by individuals who could print their pamphlets and spread them hand-to-hand; they were feisty, defiant, sometimes garish and nativist worse, but they kept people talking; that’s an early metaphor, I think, of what the Net is. There are things to do — like supporting Firedoglake and other sites with a sufficient subscriber base to enable Jane to expand staff and technology and especially reporting. Just as PBS stations used to support themselves by really serving their publics who responded with pledges for serious programming, sites like this one have to count on their constituencies to do the same.

I think that’s a hint.

You know what to do
. Tell ’em Phoenix sent you.

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