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Honduran dictatorship, day 511: Adrienne Pine and Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle interviews

Posted by Charles II on June 1, 2011

Professor Adrienne Pine and former Culture Minister Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle gave two important interviews on DemocracyNow that help to contextualize the coup. In matters like this, the first order of business is establishing the truth of what happened: what about Zelaya so alarmed the US that it was willing to take the reckless gamble of a coup, especially when the stakes were so meager? Who in the US government participated? How, exactly, did the coup come down? What, exactly, was the dictatorship’s response after the coup? These questions matter, because without a clear historical record, justice cannot be done. Furthermore, even if the coupistas escape the hand of human justice, as happens all too often in the developing world, the hand of history can judge them and prevent recurrences.

In yesterday’s post, Zelaya absolved Ambassador Hugo Llorens from responsibility from the coup. I tend to agree that the Wikipedia cable seems to indicate that Llorens was opposed; however, that does not mean he was uninvolved in the attempts to remove Zelaya through legalistic (but not truly legal) procedure. Zelaya names Southcom. In the interviews above, which I highly recommend, Pastor Fasquelle mentions the CIA and Southcom. Both Pastor Fasquelle and Zelaya indicate that the primary motivator in the coup were Zelaya’s relationship with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez; Pastor Fasquelle even points out that the only reason Honduras accepted subsidized oil from ALBA was because the US refused to provide it. Adrienne deals more extensively with the current human rights situation, but she also mentions the status of Palmerola/Soto Cano (i.e., Southcom), and that the US is constructing barracks, thereby dispelling the fiction that it is not a US facility. She also mentions the alarming militarization of the country, particularly in regions where there is political unrest.

To come: more from the Honduras Culture and Politics analysis promised yesterday

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The Great and Powerful Brodkorb Has Spoken!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 1, 2011

Pay no attention to the boor behind the curtain!

Earlier this week, Doug Tice, the conservative editor of the StarTribune, published what was the mother of all chastisements to his fellow Republicans, Minnesota Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton and his deputy Michael Brodkorb, warning them to stop with the boorish behavior or risk seeing Governor Dayton eat their lunch in the budget battle: “Sutton’s methods could help tilt the balance of public opinion in the governor’s favor at a time the GOP majority can ill-afford to lose support.”

Unfortunately for Messrs. Sutton and Brodkorb, they didn’t take the hint from Tice et al — Hey, bozoes, shut up or Dayton wins! — because Brodkorb has just asked for, and been granted, space in the Strib to dig his and Sutton’s holes even deeper, accusing Governor Dayton of icky behavior but somehow failing to quote anything by Governor Dayton, much less anything anywhere near as icky as the tripe Sutton and Brodkorb spew, one of whom was quoted at length and in context by the StarTribune’s editorial writer.

Tild of reveals the boor behind the curtain

Furthermore, much as humbug artist and former “independent blogger” Brodkorb would like to wish it otherwise, the StarTribune isn’t the only Minnesota paper whose editors are horrified at the Sutton-and-Brodkorb act. Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen’s reeled off a list of three major papers in Greater Minnesota who have scorched the Republican strategy, and the Republicans’ Fantasy Budget, in words that make the Strib’s seem downright gentle in comparison.

Face it, Broddie: Not even the Twin Cities media will be eating out of your hand much longer.

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