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GOP Shrugged: Republicans Love Ayn Rand

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 6, 2011

Not much to add to that, really.

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Charles says, 6/11/11, I found something to add: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (thanks to HoneyBearKelly)

8 Responses to “GOP Shrugged: Republicans Love Ayn Rand”

  1. Charles II said

    Proof that the GOP is the party of the anti-Christ.

    These are truly remarkable statements by Rand. I have no problem with people who say they are atheists or agnostics, but exhibit compassion, justice, a love for truth, and mercy. “What does the Lord require of you, O Man, but that you do justice and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God?” asks the prophet. If someone says that they do not believe in God, but they do the things of God, then they are my brothers and sisters in Christ, who they call by another name.

    But just as it’s possible impossible [thanks, Susan] to prove through science or logic the existence of God, it’s impossible to prove the non-existence (much as Richard Dawkins would like to claim that he has, spirituality and science simply don’t inhabit the same logical realms). So, for Rand (or Dawkins) to assert a certainty of the non-existence of God or to assert that religion is a primary source of evil is extraordinary blindness and arrogance.

    [Aside: While Dawkins has not taken the next step toward evil, of constructing a morality based on power, he has asserted a kind of nihilism, in which morality emerges from the working of the genes. But then one can say that the outbreaks of mass cruelty also emerge from our genes. Which is the preferential one? A world without God can only say that one is more destructive– but it cannot say that destruction itself is bad. After all, as long as one fertile male and one fertile female survive, so does the species. A morality that cannot distinguish between mass murder and peace is not much of a morality.]

    • Susan said

      “But just as it’s possible to prove through science or logic the existence of God, it’s impossible to prove the non-existence ”
      Did you mean to say “But just as it’s impossible to prove through science or logic the existence of God,”, or do you really have scientific proof?

      • Charles II said

        Thanks, Susan. I have corrected it.

        Spirit and science, although they both deal with our world, exist in different realms. Trying to prove the existence of God through logic and science is as silly as trying to prove the existence of scientific laws through theology.

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  4. Charles II said

    And Dave Johnson, madly crossposting including to the DailyKos picks up and enriches the story.

  5. […] Ayn Rand said it best: “Religion is a sign of a psychological weakness, it is evil.” […]

    • Charles II said

      Talk about missing the point, TenBears has managed to miss the entire side of the barn in the trackback and associated post above.

      Rand is the apostle of selfishness, of allowing the strong to abuse the weak, things that TenBears doubtless would object to.

      For Rand, any mitigation of the raw power of money was the enemy. And Christianity (and, more generally, most religions) acknowledged a power other than money to be superior. It was for that reason that Rand called it “weakness” and “evil.” Because, of course, to genuine evil, anything with elements of goodness is evil.

      There’s the side of the barn, Ten Bears. Perhaps that will help you find the point.

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