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US and Hillary role in legitimizing sham Haitian election exposed by Wikileaks

Posted by Charles II on June 24, 2011

Dan Coughlin, DemocracyNow:

DAN COUGHLIN: And what these cables show, Amy, is really remarkable. It’s like the curtain being pulled from behind the Wizard of Oz, a really inside look at what the U.S. policy is in Haiti, the materially poorest country in the Western hemisphere. So they’re blocking a preferential trade deal with Venezuela that means huge stability for the Haitian people, stable electricity supply, $100 million in extra funding for the government, which they use for social programs.

We see the manipulation, extraordinary manipulation, of Haiti’s presidential election, where, quote-unquote, the international community recognizes that the [right-wing oligarchical] opposition is “emasculated.” So why are we bothering to have an election, if the most popular political party [Fanmi Lavalas] has been banned?

Kim Ives and Dan Coughlin, The Nation:

At a December 1, 2009, meeting, a group of international election donors, including ambassadors from Brazil, Canada, Spain and the United States, concluded that “the international community has too much invested in Haiti’s democracy to walk away from the upcoming elections, despite its imperfections,” in the words of the EU representative, according to US Ambassador Kenneth Merten’s December 2009 cable.

Despite the Lavalas exclusion, the European Union and Canada proposed that donors “help level the playing field”—they could, for instance, “purchase radio air time for opposition politicians to plug their candidacies.” They were presumably referring to “opposition candidates” who would come from parties other than the FL.

That plan was nixed by the United Nations, but when the elections finally did take place on November 28, 2010, followed by a runoff on March 20, 2011, Washington and the international donor community played an influential role in determining their outcome.

When the first-round results were disputed, international donors arranged for an evaluation by the Organization of American States, which pronounced that pro-coup candidate Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, 50, a former konpa musician, should face another neo-Duvalierist candidate, Mirlande Manigat, in the final round. Martelly emerged as the victor in the runoff.

Less than 23 percent of Haiti’s registered voters had their vote counted in either of the two presidential rounds, the lowest electoral participation rate in the hemisphere since 1945, according to the Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Furthermore, the second round was illegal because the eight-member CEP could never muster the five votes necessary to ratify the first-round results.

These elections were scheduled for February 2010, but were delayed because of the earthquake that struck on January 12th. Hillary Clinton, 1/20/2010, general dissemination to Chiefs of Mission and Charge d’Affaires, from Wikileaks:

Click to see memo

¶2. I am deeply concerned by instances of inaccurate and unfavorable international media coverage of America’s role and intentions in HAITI. This misinformation threatens to undermine the international
partnership needed to help the people of HAITI, and to damage our international engagement across the range of
issues. It is imperative to get the NARRATIVE right over the long term. Where you see ill-informed or
distorted perspectives in your host country media, I direct you as Chief of Mission to personally contact
media organizations at the highest possible level -owners, publishers, or others, as appropriate – to push
back and insist on informed and responsible coverage of our actions and intentions…

¶3. I also ask you to report back to me through your Assistant Secretary, citing specific examples of
irresponsible journalism in your host countries, and what action you have taken in response. This is a
personal priority for me and I will be looking for your reports.

Get it? In December 2009, the occupying powers decide that they have to plunge ahead with the election despite the fact that it is a sham that excludes most voters. In January, Hillary brings down the hammer, demanding that embassies all over the world put pressure on owners and publishers to publish favorable stories about the sham election.

In January of 2008, I had intended to vote for Hillary Clinton for president. Seeing how she has handled her position as Secretary of State, I am glad that the nation was not faced with that choice.

2 Responses to “US and Hillary role in legitimizing sham Haitian election exposed by Wikileaks”

  1. Unbelieveable. Was Lanny Davis working for the Haitian oligarchs, too?

    • Charles II said

      That I don’t know. Steven Lendman, a left commentator, has a fairly comprehensive list of Davis’ engagements…which includes Whole Foods…and does not include Haiti.

      Too many dictators, too little time, I suppose.

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