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Taibbi, Hari: Not Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 3, 2011

No sooner than the dust started to settle over Matt Taibbi’s substandard cut-and-paste job that purported to be an original article on Michele Bachmann, than we find that another progressive journalist hero has feet of clay where attributions are concerned:

A 2009 interview with Afghan women’s rights activist Malalai Joya by Johann Hari, a journalist at The Independent, is calling the definition of plagiarism into question.

The 4,000-word piece “appears to pass off a number of quotes and formulations from her book, ‘Raising my Voice’, as if they were direct speech from an interview he conducted with her in a London flat,” The Guardian reports. And this is not the only time; The Islam Versus Europe blog “cites 15 examples of duplications in phraseology from the book which Joya published the same year in which Hari subsequently printed the interview.”

I can’t believe that anyone thinks this might be the least little bit okay, allegedly looser British journalistic standards or not.

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