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Letters from Cricketsville

Posted by Charles II on July 6, 2011

Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World has been caught hacking the phones of just about everyone. Politicians and celebrities of course…but also journalists and law enforcement. A kidnapped and murdered child, Milly Dowler. Detective Chief Superintendent David Cook, apparently on behalf of (!) murder suspects Jonathan Rees and Sid Fillery. The victims of terrorist attacks. Now, perhaps, the families of dead soldiers.

The big question is whether other properties of the Murdoch empire used the same tactic. Like, say, American properties of Murdoch.

Over on the lunatic fringe of the ideological dial, some of the Freepers are appropriately horrified; and good for them. This will, however, probably only last until they realize it threatens the FOX Noise empire, as we see here….

Athelass, FreeRepublic:

To: decimon
Seen the top story on Drudge? This thing is blowing up. How long before the American LSM connects Fox News and gives the White House war-on-Fox a new weapon?

Unfortunate, especially since, except for the unsavory aspect of it, this really is just the 21st century version of the press going through trashcans. Anonymous does stuff like this on a daily basis just for kicks.

Not to excuse it, just saying “hacking” isn’t the right word. I wonder if this is even illegal here.
7 posted on Wednesday, July 06, 2011 6:20:53 PM by athelass (Proud Mom of a Sailor & 2 Marines! Pray for Netanyahu, Gen. Petraeus, Tornado Alley)

UCFRoadWarrior, Free Republic:

To: Cardhu; All

A Rupert Murdoch owned (NewsCorp) company….at the time of the hacking NewsCorp’s international holdings was being run by James Murdoch, Rupert’s very liberal son who is friends with Al Gore.

James Murdoch is now in charge of the American held entities of NewsCorp….he now is running Fox News

Looks like Rupert moved his liberal son to the USA just in time

Folks, if you are still watching Fox News and think it is conservative….you are being bamboozled. Fox News is drifting more and more liberal… always has supported Communist China…but now supports Islamic Terrorist states, illegal alien amnesty….and now attacks the Obama Eligibility people.

Would not surprise me that Fox News or one of its other NewsCorp companies starts hacking Americans.

The Murdoch’s, and Fox News, is not conservative

3 posted on Friday, April 15, 2011 7:43:53 AM by UCFRoadWarrior (If I Was Really Born in Hawaii…I Would Proudly Show My Birth Certificate)

That’s right, folks. If FOX News gets caught in the scandal, the Freepers will declare them to be … liberals.

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Meet Randall Wray

Posted by Charles II on July 6, 2011

Firedoglake has a post by L. Randall Wray on how The Roosevelt Institute was compromised by Pete Peterson’s money into issuing a report that said that a progressive budget could reduce the debt. A description of the man:

L. Randall Wray, Ph.D. is Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Research Director with the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability and Senior Research Scholar at The Levy Economics Institute. His research expertise is in: financial instability, macroeconomics, and full employment policy

A number of University of Missouri-Kansas City economists and guests blog here. A primer on Money Theory is here.

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A Quick Note of Correction

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 6, 2011

Governor Dayton is not currently asking for higher taxes on all millionaires, only on those who make $1 million or more a year — the 7,700 individuals mentioned.

Karl Northman
, a stalwart of the old and lamented Table Talk, set us all straight:

The problem with the number of millionaires is a problem with Star-Tribune reporting. Dayton’s final offer was to raise the taxes on people earning more than a million dollars a year. The Strib managed to refer to that as “millionaires” – but in normal usage, a millionaire is someone with a million in assets – a vastly larger group. I believe his original proposal (that he ran on, and held firm on for a long time, was for tax increases on the top 2%, which I recall as being in the neighborhood of $250K a year.

As soon as I read the article, I knew that was going to be one of those stupid copy-editor tricks that never goes away.

The Strib today published a letter from a reader pointing out their mistake.

Thanks, Karl!

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