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Letters from Cricketsville

Posted by Charles II on July 6, 2011

Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World has been caught hacking the phones of just about everyone. Politicians and celebrities of course…but also journalists and law enforcement. A kidnapped and murdered child, Milly Dowler. Detective Chief Superintendent David Cook, apparently on behalf of (!) murder suspects Jonathan Rees and Sid Fillery. The victims of terrorist attacks. Now, perhaps, the families of dead soldiers.

The big question is whether other properties of the Murdoch empire used the same tactic. Like, say, American properties of Murdoch.

Over on the lunatic fringe of the ideological dial, some of the Freepers are appropriately horrified; and good for them. This will, however, probably only last until they realize it threatens the FOX Noise empire, as we see here….

Athelass, FreeRepublic:

To: decimon
Seen the top story on Drudge? This thing is blowing up. How long before the American LSM connects Fox News and gives the White House war-on-Fox a new weapon?

Unfortunate, especially since, except for the unsavory aspect of it, this really is just the 21st century version of the press going through trashcans. Anonymous does stuff like this on a daily basis just for kicks.

Not to excuse it, just saying “hacking” isn’t the right word. I wonder if this is even illegal here.
7 posted on Wednesday, July 06, 2011 6:20:53 PM by athelass (Proud Mom of a Sailor & 2 Marines! Pray for Netanyahu, Gen. Petraeus, Tornado Alley)

UCFRoadWarrior, Free Republic:

To: Cardhu; All

A Rupert Murdoch owned (NewsCorp) company….at the time of the hacking NewsCorp’s international holdings was being run by James Murdoch, Rupert’s very liberal son who is friends with Al Gore.

James Murdoch is now in charge of the American held entities of NewsCorp….he now is running Fox News

Looks like Rupert moved his liberal son to the USA just in time

Folks, if you are still watching Fox News and think it is conservative….you are being bamboozled. Fox News is drifting more and more liberal… always has supported Communist China…but now supports Islamic Terrorist states, illegal alien amnesty….and now attacks the Obama Eligibility people.

Would not surprise me that Fox News or one of its other NewsCorp companies starts hacking Americans.

The Murdoch’s, and Fox News, is not conservative

3 posted on Friday, April 15, 2011 7:43:53 AM by UCFRoadWarrior (If I Was Really Born in Hawaii…I Would Proudly Show My Birth Certificate)

That’s right, folks. If FOX News gets caught in the scandal, the Freepers will declare them to be … liberals.

6 Responses to “Letters from Cricketsville”

  1. MEC said

    I just love the first comment that it’s perfectly okay “except for the unsavory aspect of it”. And the “both sides do it” defense. And the preemptive “It’s probably not even illegal.”

    I hope you took a long hot shower after your trudge through Freeperville.

    • Charles II said

      It was a pretty short trudge, MEC. The Freepers have so far very carefully steered away from it. Now that Drudge supposedly is running with it, some feel they can’t ignore it any longer. (However, from what I can tell without actually visiting the Drudge Report, he’s barely mentioned it).

      As for showers, all of America is Freeperville. These people are co-workers, relatives, neighbors. The whole nation is dirty, and there’s not enough water in the ocean to wash it clean.

      I was interested to learn of this James Murdoch, liberal meme. It’s not new, apparently, nor is it entirely baseless. In this interview, Gore and JM are discussing a joint (Current-Sky) venture into docudrama, and compliment one another. Gore credits Sky with tackling climate change. You can see the full conservacrazy brief against James Murdoch here. The concept that James is playing the left side of the fence (at the nadir of Bush’s popularity) while Dad plays the right even as the organization as a whole continues to act as a seamless conveyor of right-wing propaganda does not occur.

      If they can do it, James will be made the scapegoat for phone hacking because he talks to Al Gore.

    • Stormcrow said

      And the preemptive “It’s probably not even illegal.”

      Only preemptive in the Freeper fantasy world.

      I dislike those people enough that I hope the jackass who wrote that puts his money where his mouth is. He’ll look nice in an orange jumpsuit.

      You pull that sort of thing in the US and you can get badly burned, unless you’re actually one of the nomenklatura.

      That’s why Adrian Lamo reached for the phone so fast his hand blurred, when Bradley Manning made his now infamous admission.

      Lamo had been convicted himself some years prior, after the NYT got pissed at having their trusted network penetrated and called the FBI. So he didn’t really have a lot of choice. If he’d kept quiet, his next bust would probably have resulted in some serious time behind bars. Because he’d have been right in the dock next to Manning.

      And Manning was going to be busted.

      Anybody who runs off at the mouth abut that sort of thing is going to get his collar felt sooner or later. That was the only reason “Mafiaboy” even fell under suspicion for the DDoS attacks in early 2000: his own big mouth, closely coupled to his ego.

      • Charles II said

        Gotta say: alleged admission. There are too many things that are unclear about this case for me to understand exactly why Manning was (allegedly) in contact with Lamo to begin with. Sure, the government presumably has enough evidence to make a case. But if this were a surefire conviction, you’d think they would take it to court and then start torturing Manning rather than vice-versa, since convicts are routinely tortured in American jails and no one thinks anything of it.

  2. By the way, the whole “Murdoch punished the NotW by shutting it down” line is bullshit — he was planning to rebrand NotW as the Sun’s new weekend edition anyway.

    • Charles II said

      I thought it was part of the coverup. He can shred or lose documents, all the unemployed ex-employees will be scrambling, begging for jobs at the Sun or other Murdoch properties, and he pays off the top executives to buy their silence.

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