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News of the World flu strikes Dow Jones CEO

Posted by Charles II on July 10, 2011

FT is reporting that Les Hinton, CEO of Dow Jones, may be being fingered by the Murdochs to save James.

Meanwhile Murdoch has been photographed with his arm around Rebekah Brooks.

The Guardian is a little more forthcoming, noting that Hinton testified to Parliament that the whole phone hacking scandal was one rogue reporter.

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Tony Sutton, Still Bad with Other People’s Money

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 10, 2011

As those who have followed his career since its inception know, current Republican Party of Minnesota chair Tony Sutton is pretty darned near hopeless with money. From his scandal-marred stint as state party treasurer to his disastrous stint as would-be taco mogul, his problems with cold hard cash are well documented.

This is why it’s not especially surprising to see that his budget numbers are so bad that even fellow Republicans are calling him out over them, as Sally Jo Sorensen writes:

[Dan] Dorman, who caucused with the Republican Party during his eight years as House District 27A representative, writes in How did Minnesota get to this point?:

Since the start of the legislative session, there has been an array of numbers coming from St. Paul that don’t seem to add. There have been ads ran in our area, for example, that claim the budget bills passed by the Republicans increase spending by 6 percent. Wow, that sounds like a lot! If this were true, why would there have to be so many cuts to programs like local government aid? The reality is that the 6 percent increase claim ignores the federal stimulus dollars and borrows dollars from K-12 education used to balance the last budget.

What are the real numbers? The last state budget signed by Gov. Pawlenty totaled $34.4 billion. The budget passed by the Legislature for 2012-2013 totaled $34 billion – hardly a 6 percent increase. In his original budget Gov. Mark Dayton called for spending $37.1 billion. Gov. Dayton has since revised his budget number to $35.8 billion. . . .

Go read the rest. Dorman isn’t suggesting any easy answers. But he’s looking for policy  based on real numbers.

Sorensen goes on to cite other debunkings of Sutton’s numbers. And they are his numbers, as he’s embraced this bogosity with all his heart, trumping Kurt Zellers and Amy Koch, the alleged leaders of the Republican majority at the Capitol. It’s through him and his deputy Michael Brodkorb that the RPM talks with Governor Dayton; it would seem that nothing is done in the state GOP caucuses without Sutton and Brodkorb’s OK.

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