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On Wisconsin!

Posted by Charles II on July 12, 2011

Tom Tolan, Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel:

Six fake Democratic candidates put up by the Republican Party to buy time for Republican state senators subject to recalls accomplished that job Tuesday, but none of them did the unexpected and knocked off a real Democrat.

They’ll all go on to face the Republican incumbents on Aug. 9…

The Republican Party forced the primaries to give its six senators facing recall another four weeks before facing a Democratic challenger, in order to allow them to take their case to the voters and argue that their work on the budget was good for the state.

Three Democratic state senators also face recall elections, with the first of that voting to start next week.

Elections in the recalls of the Democrats are July 19. Two of those races will be Republican primaries; the third, between Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) and Republican challenger David VanderLeest of Green Bay, is a general election.

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Posted by Charles II on July 12, 2011

“Were someone to discover ‘a rat’s head in the bottom of a Coke bottle,’ Norquist said, ‘Coke’s brand would be ruined for everyone. Republican officials who vote to increase taxes are rat heads in a Coke bottle.'”
–Republican strategist Grover Norquist, June 2011, cited in The Washington Spectator 37(12) 2011, 1/1/11

I have a more inclusive view of Republicans.

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