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Dayton Offers MN GOP Hobson’s Choice: Protect Rich Or Bust Unions

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 14, 2011

As you may have heard by now, the Minnesota state shutdown is likely to come to an end soon, as Governor Mark Dayton offered the state Republican leadership a Hobson’s Choice:

Dayton offered to accept their June 30 budget proposal, which delays school payments and doesn’t tax the rich, on these three conditions:

– They dump all the ALEC-inspired social/policy agenda bullshit (including their own version of Scott Walker’s union-busting bill), crap which they’d spent the entire session pushing and which they’d tacked onto the bill

– They drop their plan to cut state employee numbers by 15%

– They approve a $500 million bonding bill to put people back to work in Minnesota.

In other words, he challenged them to show, once and for all, their true priorities.

And guess what? They’ve tentatively agreed to it.

That’s right, folks: The Republican Party of Minnesota not only jettisoned their union-busting, their stem-cell research ban, their mandatory picture voter ID demand, as well as their anti-stimulus stance and their deficit hawkery, just to make sure Governor Dayton didn’t raise taxes on the richest .03% of the population.

That should tell you something. So does the fact that Michael Brodkorb and other Republican leaders, who would have been filling their Twitter feeds with boasts about making Dayton cave if they really liked this deal, have done no such thing today. They now have to sell this to their freshman Tea Party goons, and that’s going to be difficult.

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One Response to “Dayton Offers MN GOP Hobson’s Choice: Protect Rich Or Bust Unions”

  1. jo6pac said

    No, you’re right and at least your governor did it right. I wish Jerry would do that here but at least we the people voted out the 2/3 stop the govt from working bill so now it’s just a majority vote. It’s looking like people are waking up to the fact they thought they were voting for change but they didn’t realize the change had to do with them being destroyed by those they voted for. That goes for both parties. WOW there still might be some hope the citizens of the nation to wake up in time.

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