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“My Number One Goal Is To Not Go To Jail”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 17, 2011

From the November 13, 2006 StarTribune:

New members did their work behind closed doors, learning how to get their offices up and running, prepare their budgets, use franking privileges and how to keep abreast of complicated ethics rules.

“My No. 1 goal is to not go to jail,” [Michele] Bachmann said, chuckling.

Ironic, that she’d say that. Especially with the trial of Frank Vennes scheduled for February of next year.

One Response to ““My Number One Goal Is To Not Go To Jail””

  1. Charles II said

    I’d be happy if she fulfills her goal, as long as she is publicly discredited for her hypocrisy, extremism, and dishonesty.

    Failing that, however…

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