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Deep thought for the day

Posted by Charles II on July 22, 2011

DDay would do FDL an enormous service if he would not just write accurate, measured posts but if he would read the comments and correct the wild misunderstandings that people come up with based on half-heard, quarter-understood information.

5 Responses to “Deep thought for the day”

  1. jo6pac said

    And now my hands are really, really sore.

    Oh please what’s with this?

    That is one of things that bothers me about David, nice job. Hell even Jane drops in on occasion .You’re either never going to be there again or may be the front page. My vote is front page and my excuse is I harvest a 5 gallon bucket to tomatoes and they are on the stove now slowly turning to sauce. Too bad you live at the other end of the state a tomato or melon in trade for the wonderful way with words and knowledge.

    • Charles II said

      It’s just age, Jo. And an old keyboard. And trying to respond to too many comments too quickly, especially when irritated by comments like this one:

      Robert Alexander Dumas July 22nd, 2011 at 6:08 am

      And CharlesII I would address your comments, but given the substance of those comments, what would be the point? I fear you are beyond help, I smell not stupidity, but rather willful ignorance, good luck with that.

      How can we win the debate if our team doesn’t understand that you actually have to give reasons for your opinions?

      I’ve got some Naproxen in me. That helps.

      Mmmm… I can almost smell the tomato sauce. Made buffalo curry yesterday, but using store-bought tomatoes. Not the same.

      • jo6pac said

        I missed that comment and this why we are in trouble, hope the wrist are better today.

      • Charles II said

        Not really, but I’ll spend more time gardening and less time typing, so that will help.

        FDL is getting angrier and angrier. Jane called DK “dumb motherf—-rs” and someone on DK responded in kind. I wrote to both Jane and Marcos to ask them to issue a joint statement deploring such divisiveness. No response.

        I’m not complaining about the tone of the posts directed against me (typically, accusations of being a concern troll or a right-winger in disguise). We all know that the world includes a certain fraction of a–holes to keep humanity from getting too good of an opinion of itself.

        But the the tendency to reach judgments based on whether we think someone is one of “us” or one of “them” without hearing what they are actually saying troubles me.

  2. There are the commenters, and then there are the readers. (The better commenters are both.)

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