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Norwegian Media: Breivik Part Of International Right-Wing Extremist Group

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 24, 2011

So much for the “lone nut” theory that’s always dragged out and dusted off whenever a right-winger commits an act of terror. That construct is no longer operative, to paraphrase Ron Ziegler.

Ketil B. Stensrud, who has written for the UK’s Independent and Daily Mirror and has a wealth of Norwegian media experience, posted the following on Twitter (if you’re not familiar with Twitter, start from the bottom and read upwards):

Ketil B. Stensrud
ketilbstensrudKetil B. Stensrud
..on Monday to be open for world media, so that he can ‘reveal all’. Strong suspicion of OSL/Utøya operation being funded by intnl
Ketil B. Stensrud
ketilbstensrudKetil B. Stensrud
..belongs to an international network of right-wing extremists. He’s planned his actions for a long time, and has requested the hearing ..
Ketil B. Stensrud
ketilbstensrudKetil B. Stensrud
Pulled over in my car to tweet this.. BREAKING: Breivik’s attorney has, in a radio interview with NRK, confirmed that his client (cont)

And not too long ago, he posted this:

Ketil B. Stensrud
ketilbstensrudKetil B. Stensrud
Police: “Raid in east Oslo linked with new intel suggesting that gunman also owned this particular flat. Six detained, all released w/o bail

Of course, now that Breivik’s been shown to be part of an international right-wing extremist group and that he very likely had help in the planning of his terror attacks, expect the US media to quickly drop this story.  Terrorism is only terrorism if brown-skinned non-Christians do it, as far as the GOP/Media Complex is concerned.

2 Responses to “Norwegian Media: Breivik Part Of International Right-Wing Extremist Group”

  1. Charles II said

    As usual, you’re way too optimistic, dear. The American Thinker:

    July 24, 2011
    Pandora’s Box in Norway
    James Lewis

    If you destroy civilization, the monsters that fly out will surely destroy you. That is the lesson of the barbarian who killed almost one hundred innocents in Norway last week.

    The Left will manage to blame the usual scapegoats, the way it always does. In fact, it is the Left itself that has opened Pandora’s Box by systematically destroying the pillars of Western civilization, even bringing in Muslim terror preachers to speed up the destruction of civilized life. Saul Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Nothing better captures the destructive mind of the cultural Left, and we can see the results all around us.

    Last week the Beast came to bite them back.

    In recent years Norway has become famous for two supreme absurdities of Political Correctness: Algore’s Nobel Prize for spreading the biggest scientific fraud in history, and Obama’s Peace Prize for getting elected President — in effect, Europe’s tribute to the most radical Leftist in American history, merely for running while black. [Continues]

    Plus supposedly VG is reporting that his manifesto echoes the Unabomber who, as we all know, was a left-winger. Or whatever. And not to mention that the kids killed were COMMUNISTS AND SOCIALISTS who were supporting the Palestinians, who are terrorists because they’re all Muslims, even the ones who live in Bethlehem. So the kids deserved what they got, because they were Nazis in training.

    Or whatever.

    That’s what’s going on in the fever swamps of the right. They will never, ever admit that violent rhetoric and ready access to guns have anything to do with the mass murders whose victims, oddly, disproportionately seem to be Democrats and liberals.

  2. Charles II said

    Via Craig Murray’s commenters, an abridged translation of Breivik’s self-interview here

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