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“Is Rick Perry Gay? Is Mitt Romney Mormon?”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 15, 2011

While reading the comments section of a story in Nerve concerning the outing of Phillip Hinkle, an anti-gay archconservative Bible-thumping Republican state legislator in Indiana, by the rent boy he’d hired off of Craigslist, I ran into this interesting comment:

Better than Marcus Bachmann getting caught at this would be RICK PERRY. It’s putative within the Austin gay community that RICK PERRY IS A CLOSET CASE. Go to any gay bar in town and mention the Guv and you will get a raft of info about his shenanigans.

I can’t wait until that smoking gun emerges.

Intrigued, I plugged “rick perry” into my Google search app tucked into the upper corner of my web browser, and guess what was the fourth item to appear via Google Suggest? Yup, “rick perry gay”. (The screen shot’s at the top of this post, but don’t take my word for it — try it for yourself.)

After selecting “rick perry gay”, I found this Dallas Voice article on the first page of Google results (there are around 271,000 Google results, by the way):

Is Rick Perry gay? Is Mitt Romney Mormon?

Posted on 12 Aug 2011 at 7:04pm

The above “Web Seer” (click to enlarge) from Hint.FM allows us to view the top Google Suggest results for the search queries “Is Rick Perry” and “Is Mitt Romney.”

“Gay” is the top result for “Is Rick Perry,” and “Mormon” is the top result for “Is Mitt Romney.”

The Dallas Voice article is taken from a TechPresident piece. That piece mentions that none other than Kay Bailey Hutchinson was caught trying to game Google by inserting the words “rick perry gay” into the keywords for her campaign website when she was running against him in the gubernatorial primary in 2009. Wonder if the conservatives running NewsBusters, who have been reaming out Stephanie Miller for “spreading” this rumor about Perry when she was merely commenting on a Politico story that referenced it, know about this — or would mention it if they did?

Man, oh man. Now that Perry’s officially announced his intention to run for the Republican presidential nomination, expect this rumor to get much more media play (my bet is that Kay Bailey Hutchinson or her campaign staffers have already been pumped for possible Perry dirt by operatives working for Perry’s GOP rivals), and for conservative media outlets to blame the rest of the media for spreading it.

14 Responses to ““Is Rick Perry Gay? Is Mitt Romney Mormon?””

  1. Charles II said

    I worry about this focus on whether Marcus Bachman, Rick Perry, etc. is gay. True, what the Republicans are doing is so bad (and so hypocritical on issues of sexuality) that it trumps the consideration of letting candidate’s sexual lives remain private. But it seems that all America does anymore is chatter about personal behavior rather than issues.

    Rick Perry’s record in Texas is what should sink him.

    • Phoenix Woman said

      When being rabidly anti-gay in public is no longer considered an essential qualification for Republican candidates, this will no longer be an issue.

      • Charles II said

        Well, if there’s any substance to the rumor, we had better hope that it doesn’t get seriously noticed while the Republicans have a chance of nominating someone else.

        They could still figure out that they need an Eisenhower figure, like Petraeus, and win this election for real.

  2. Wege said

    I was all set to run with this, but then I tried running the other candidates’ names through Google with the word “gay.” Rick Perry is way down the list. Way down.

    Which is, of course, suspicious.

  3. MEC said

    The real question isn’t “Is Rick Perry gay?” but “Is Rick Perry a hypocritical opportunist?”

    But being a hypocritical opportunist won’t lose him any votes.

  4. Jeff W said

    Always fun watching the ethics of Lefties at work.
    I would have thought that passing along scurrilous rumors of sexual orientation was something scumbag teabaggers resorted too.

    • Charles II said

      Leftists like Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Jeff? According to PW, that’s where this rumor started.

      The reality is that the right wing invented dirty politics.

      Remember all the filth and lies hurled against Clinton?

      Remember Swiftboating?

      Those are just modern examples. I remember when you people spread the lie that if John Kennedy was elected, he would serve the Pope and not the American people.

      You folks exhausted our patience long ago. When you get just a little bit of what you dish out, it’s the sweet foretaste of the justice you will get on Judgment Day.

      BTW, I haven’t forgotten that you’ve been banned from MR. Your post serves my purpose, namely illustrating how morally bankrupt the right is, so I allow it to stand.

      • Jeff W said

        I’m a silly little troll.
        I live in a little hole.
        I snack on rat heads in the night.
        Please, please don’t IGNORE ME!

        [slightly edited by siteowner for clarity]

    • Phoenix Woman said

      Kay Bailey Hutchinson, is that you? How typically Republican — start a smear on a primary rival, then blame lefties when the smear goes viral. It’s also typically Republican of you to make a bogus statement in the comments thread of a post that contains information that pre-debunks your statement.

      Thanks for showing the lurkers one more time that Republicans like you can’t be trusted to make honest arguments.

  5. Jeff W said

    Your Welcome!
    Always Illuminating seeing the view from the far side.
    Carry on.

    • Phoenix Woman said

      English Translation: “Both Charles and Phoenix have shown me to be a lying hypocrite, but I can’t admit that so I’ll just fling a non-sequitur and pretend I won.”

      • Charles II said

        Jeff is a banned poster, PW. It’s fine to use him briefly to illustrate the moral bankruptcy of the right, but let’s not further pollute the boards.

  6. Arntr said

    This seems to make sense, but if you ask me everyone in America should be worried about what is happening. The whole world should be more worried about it than any of this. I’m voting for Ron Paul, are you? That’s what I said on the forum but people don’t understand.

    • Charles II said

      I hope that this is just blogwhoring, rather than a serious word of support for Ron Paul.

      Ron Paul has some positions that most Democrats would agree with. That is because the Democratic Party is the home of genuine libertarianism (see Jefferson, Thomas). But Ron Paul is a corporate libertarian. He is willing to grant individuals the right to do drugs in exchange for allowing the corporations to do anything they want.

      Genuine libertarians understand that government needs to be big enough to be able to stand up against corporate power, but small enough not to be able to infringe basic liberties. Corporate libertarians want government too small to stand up to corporations, but big enough to prevent people from using the freedom of assembly and association to organize a union.

      You saw a crowd cheer Ron Paul saying, basically, if someone is sick and doesn’t have insurance, they should die. That’s where corporate libertarianism leads: to people with the morals of wolves and hyenas.

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