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Grauniad discovers Minnesoda

Posted by Charles II on August 28, 2011


They mention the 4 pound mosquitoes in passing, but don’t explain that the Kevlar canoes are to repel the piranhas which infest Minnesota’s lakes.


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The Bankers’ Katrina

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 28, 2011

Greg Palast says that we needn’t worry about the Hamptons (though I wouldn’t be so sure about Queens or Harlem — or Rikers Island), as they’re taken care of — he helped write the evacuation plan for them round about twenty years ago.

Unfortunately, he didn’t write the plan for New Orleans, or else the persons on whose former domicile sites yuppie development are planned would still have their homes, and be living in them:

The last hurricane to hit Long Island, far fiercer than Katrina, took two lives, not 2,000.

But then, the Hamptons isn’t New Orleans, is it?

In 1992, a big storm washed into 190 houses on West Hampton Dunes, getting many grade-B film scripts very wet.  The federal government, with your tax dollars, rebuilt every single home on the beach (average value then, $2 million each)––and even rebuilt the beach with an endless samba line of trucks filled with sand, care of the Army Corps of Engineers.

There’s a photo of one, in case you’d like to move in.  (Shouldn’t we each get at least a weekend in the surf for our money?)

Now look at Patricia  Thomas’ home in the Lafitte Housing Project in New Orleans.  I met her a year after the city flooded; she and her cousin and her cousin’s two kids, just off the bus from refugee centers in Texas, were told that if they returned to their homes, they would be arrested.  It’s been six years and they still are not allowed back in.  Doesn’t matter:  three years ago, their houses were torn down to make way for yuppie condos, for the nouvelle carpetbaggers who will enjoy Lafitte’s locale near the French Quarter.

Go read the whole thing. (While you’re over at Greg’s place, stop over to read his piece on how known scumbag Piers Morgan tried to ruin him on New Labourite Tony Blair’s behalf. Amazing stuff.)

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