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A great nomination…but will he serve?

Posted by Charles II on August 29, 2011

The choice of Alan Krueger as head of the Council of Economic Advisers is one of the Obama Administration’s best nominations. I’d put Dawn Johnsen and Elizabeth Warren a notch higher, but Krueger is definitely top tier. Along with the Canadian economist David Card, he helped debunk the myth that raising the minimum wage causes job loss. Certainly the departure of Austen Goolsbee is a a plus no matter who replaces him, and that includes Ron Paul. From correspondence with Goolsbee, I came to the conclusion that he’s a completely empty suit, someone with no principles whatsoever, and very willing to sacrifice the powerless on the altar of neoliberalism. Goolsbee is University of Chicago (though not their notorious economics department), which may explain this Atrios post.

Steve Benen, who Atrios is quoting, says that because Senate confirmation is required, Krueger might get to serve sometime around 2018. Unfortunately, that does seem to be the drift of things. The Senate Republicans give a–holes a bad name.


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What “The People’s View” Would Rather You Didn’t See Right Now

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 29, 2011

As some of you may know, Ray Sandoval, the New Mexico OFA Director, saw fit in a recent OFA e-mail to quote an entire blog post from Spandan Chakrabarti, whose blog is called “The People’s View” and who also posts as “Deaniac83” at DailyKos, as a way to attack the progressive movement, especially those who publicly take issue with the doings (or not doings) of Obama and his coterie.

But Chakrabarti wasn’t always a My-Obama-Right-Or-Wrong kinda guy. In fact, back on October 30 of 2007, he stated that Obama had lost his vote for, in Chakrabarti’s words, Obama’s “decision to pander to some in the African American religious community in order to surrender his principled support for equal rights for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity”. As Chakrabarti would go on to say:

Lest you think this is because I was personally offended as a gay man, you are right. But it wasn’t only because of that that I made this decision. I draw the line in the sand when politicians pander to any group and sacrifice their stated goals of equal dignity under law and associate themselves, willingly, with known bigots of any kind, be they racists, sexists or homophobes. This is such a line. Obama has crossed it. Good riddance, Barack Obama.

That really must have been a line drawn in the sand, because it didn’t last very long. Hint: Next time, draw such lines in freshly-poured concrete. Better yet, don’t make such claims if you aren’t willing to stand behind them.

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