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Mitch McConnell: Why Isn’t Obama Shipping More Jobs To Narcostates And Other Overseas Sweatshops?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 6, 2011

Mitch McConnell was given valuable Washington Post column space to argue for the further destruction of America’s industrial base and what’s left of America’s middle and working classes so that their jobs can be done overseas by people in horrific working conditions who risk being murdered if they try to improve them, all so Mitch’s already-phenomenally wealthy buddies in the Chamber of Commerce can get even richer off of the collective misery of people in the US and elsewhere.

That’s the only sensible way to read his recent whine urging Obama to wave through free trade agreements for Colombia (narcostate with murderously repressive government and US client state), Panama (once similar to Colombia, except their caudillo lipped off to the US once too often and so was replaced with a “democracy” where the principals hew closely to the US neoliberal line), and South Korea (another US client state where workers’ rights are suppressed).

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Shipping Jobs Overseas to Further Enrich Plutocrats Makes More Jobs at Home.


2 Responses to “Mitch McConnell: Why Isn’t Obama Shipping More Jobs To Narcostates And Other Overseas Sweatshops?”

  1. Barry Levy said

    I am amazed how the deficit ballooned so quickly. did entitlement programs all of a sudden go into overdrive to spend, or did government spend more?

    But how much are we spending on redundancy, waste, fraud, abuse, that never is corrected, because it is the politician’s rally cry each election.

    But when there is no money, one must stop spending, stop planning larger expansion of govenrment, and stop with the BS about education that is failing, because more money doesn’t make education better, it just makes it more expensive.

    And until parents are part of the equation for their children, their children will be a wasted generation. Funny but I don’t see Asian children hanging out, and their parents don’t let their children dictate.

    As to jobs being shipped overseas, amazing how J. Immedlt, Obozo’s pick for job creation isn’t paying on over $5 Billion in profits, closes GE plants and moves them overseas. Just a great pick for job creation, as long as it doesn’t affect his bottom line.

    Then we have Warren Buffett telling us that the rich need to pay more, as his lawyers and CPAs fight a tax bill of over $1 Billion that his company owes according to IRS.

    And then the solar company that got 1/2 Billion dollars, and is now in bankruptcy. And this was Obozo’s pride of Green Jobs.

  2. Charles II said

    I have the strong suspicion that the above is commercial spam.

    However, to answer the questions:
    1. The major drivers of the deficit are unemployment and wars that have not been paid for. One major entitlement, Social Security, is in massive surplus. The other major entitlement, Medicare, is in deficit because medical costs overall are out of control.
    2. Most of the claims about waste, fraud and abuse are simply posturing. No one wants to go after the only large sources of waste, fraud and abuse: defense contracts and medical costs.
    3. Yes, it would be nice if parents spent more time with their children. They probably would do if they weren’t forced to work so much to compensate for wages which, compensating for inflation, have been falling for decades. Raising the minimum wage would do a great deal to reduce pathology in poor neighborhoods.
    4. Yes, it’s disgusting that the CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, is much better at tax avoidance than at manufacturing. That’s the problem with the rich in America. They think life is all about money, and have no pride in making America a better place.
    5. Why should Warren Buffett pay taxes when other wealthy people are dodging theirs? His point is that he would gladly pay more taxes if deadbeat rich people were also forced to cough up.
    6. Evergreen Solar was brought down because China has an industrial policy and we don’t. Half a billion dollars is peanuts compared to the potential for the solar industry.

    I should point out that you’d know these things if you’d spend less time with Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and other paid disinformers and more time reading this blog, where we do our best to get information from reliable sources; we even read those skeptically. But since I doubt that you’ll be back, that’s merely a fond hope.

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