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The Solyndra “scandal”

Posted by Charles II on September 14, 2011

Dave Johnson of CfAP has the skinny:

Solyndra was a startup solar-power equipment manufacturer based in Fremont, California that went bankrupt at the end of August. The company’s solar collectors used a special tubular internal design that let it collect light from all directions, and were made with a copper-indium-gallium-diselenide (CIGS) thin film that avoided using then-expensive silicon. It was one of several companies that received assistance from the government, in an attempt to push back on China’s strategic targeting of green-energy manufacturing.

The company, partly backed by the conservative Walton family had received a loan guarantee from the Department of Energy. The loan, which was originally pushed by the Bush administration, was 1.3% of the DOE portfolio.

The economy tanked and cut demand, and at the same time Solyndra could not compete with subsidized companies located in China as they rapidly scaled up. So Solyndra ran out of money. Conservatives and oil interests are using the bankruptcy as a platform to attack green energy and the idea of green jobs in general, solar power in particular, President Obama as always, stimulus funding and the idea of developing a national strategic industrial policy to push back on China and others who have their own national policies to win this key industry of the future.

Conservative Attacks

Conservative are accusing the Obama administration of corruption in choosing Solyndra to receive a government loan guarantee.

Notice: it’s not the Waltons, who stood to profit from Solyndra, who conservatives claim are corrupt. It’s not Bush, whose administration originally funded Solyndra. It’s not the Chinese, who are subsidizing their industry. No, of course, it’s the guy whose almost a bystander to what happened, because he’s a Democrat.

It’s getting really hard to say “my fellow Americans” about people who simply do not care what is true and what is a lie as long as they get more power.

2 Responses to “The Solyndra “scandal””

  1. Phoenix Woman said

    Yet another Fauxgate.

  2. jo6pac said

    Yep, I stopped to visit a friend of mine at his business and there was person there that had the fuax party line down about this. I tried to get him to see some reason into the problem but it just wasn’t going to happen.

    I looked into buying some of these panels for the house I rent. I wanted enough panels to run the well at the house.

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