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Did Bob Fletcher And Dave Titus Succeed In Buying A City Council Seat?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 8, 2011

Early returns indicate that the St. Paul Police Federation candidate, who was backed with lurid and pricey cheap-shot mailers that are depicted here, rode those glossy mailers, a few billboards, and lotsa happy marketer talk where she played the “good cop” to the Police Federation’s “bad cop” to a victory. (Maybe.)

If the current vote totals hold, she and the Chamber, the Police Federation and the Firefighters Union Local 21 will get to have their dream of slashed progressive taxes while loading up all sorts of user fees (i.e., regressive taxation, which is called that because it disproportionately affects those who can least afford it) on historically-free local amenities like Como Park. (I’m sure that many of the folks who live in the million-dollar-plus homes around Lake Como and the golf course won’t mind if the user fees keep out the poorer citizens.) Meanwhile, the East Side and North End will be left to rot.

Ah, but it’ll be done personably, just like Reagan did it, so that’ll make it all better!


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