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Occupy Oakland calls for West Coast port strike

Posted by Charles II on November 20, 2011

And the mercury is indeed rising. A grain exporter, EGT, has offended the Longview, Washington Longshoremen, so Occupy Oakland is calling on anyone associated with the ports to take a vacation. Occupy Los Angeles has called for a shutdown of SSA terminals, operated by Goldman Sachs.

(Image from The Nation)

The Longview dispute is pretty serious. In September,

More than 500 protesting port workers stormed the EGT grain terminal at the Port of Longview, Washington, on Thursday and damaged railcars and other property, Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha said.

The incident came a day after several of Longshoremen were arrested after blocking a train from arriving at the newly constructed facility owned by EGT, LLC, which is a joint venture of Bunge Ltd, ITOCHU International Inc and STX Pan Ocean Inc.

Early on Thursday, the protesters stormed the EGT facility, smashed guard shack windows, pushed a security vehicle into a ditch, cut brake lines on several rail cars and dumped grain from some cars onto the ground, Duscha said.

As Josh Eidelson of The Nation adds, the militant tactics adopted by the Longview Longshoremen are the direct consequence of the erosion of the labor laws’ protections that once allowed them to use less extreme tactics:

More workers may conclude it’s not worth honoring legal restraints either—opting instead, in Burns’s words, to “repeal” the laws “through noncompliance.”

While I endorse non-violence and condemn the use of violence, it’s very clear that the underlying problem which must be solved is corporate and official lawlessness. Until laws serve the general good and are obeyed by the powerful, with punishments meted out without distinction, we are on the road to anarchy.

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  1. “Those who make peaceful protest impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” — John F. Kennedy, March 13, 1962.

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