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Christmas gifts for the baby Jesus; Luckiest gunny; Bloggers get their day in the sun

Posted by Charles II on November 30, 2011

What will you be giving the Prince of Peace this Christmas?

Image of the Scottsdale Gun Clun from Talking Points Memo.

Ya know, I support the right of people to have and to hold whatever non-fully automatic weapon they care to own till death do them part (minus dumdums, armor piercing ammunition, and high capacity magazines). But this kinda goes to show how completely hypocritical many gunnies are. They go to church to pray to the Prince of Peace and they go out to the mall to buy a weapon to gun down the armies of the anti-Christ or whatever. If you’re going to be a pedal to the metal gunny, please admit you’re not Christian.

The luckiest gunny on earth


Richard Seymour, who run’s Lenin’s Tomb, provides an incredibly lucid picture of the British strike, which brought 2 million into the streets and closed down many schools. This was the largest strike in nearly a century.

And Raed Jarrar of Dear_Raed (careful, without the underline, you get phentermine etc. talks about Biden’s visit to Iraq.


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