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Then again, it’s easy to see why FOX makes such mistakes

Posted by Charles II on December 14, 2011

As bizarre as it is for an organization claiming to be delivering “news” to label a picture of Obama as Romney, it’s not so surprising that Obama gets confused with Republicans. Ryan Reilly, TPM:

The ACLU’s Laura Murphy said Obama “should more carefully consider the consequences of allowing this bill [National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision allowing indefinite detention of US citizens without charge or trial] to become law.”

“If President Obama signs this bill, it will damage both his legacy and American’s reputation for upholding the rule of law,” Murphy said in a statement. “The last time Congress passed indefinite detention legislation was during the McCarthy era and President Truman had the courage to veto that bill. We hope that the president will consider the long view of history before codifying indefinite detention without charge or trial.”

One could see the betrayal coming from a mile off. He’s signing it, even though it stands in flagrant violation of the provisions of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments.

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Fare and balloonced

Posted by Charles II on December 14, 2011

Or something. Why is this network granted FCC licenses?

Via Hunter at DKos

Real Clear Politics should sue Fox. They won’t, of course, but Real Clear Politics–unlike Fox– does actually have a reputation.

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Election joy in Western PA

Posted by Charles II on December 14, 2011

Brad Friedman, t/o:

According to the Initial Report from a landmark independent forensic audit of the Venango County, PA, touch-screen voting system — the same system used in dozens of counties across the state and country — someone used a computer that was not a part of county’s election network to remotely access the central election tabulator computer, illegally, “on multiple occasions.” Despite the disturbing report, as obtained by The BRAD BLOG and posted in full below, we may never get to learn who did it or why, if Venango’s County Commissioners, a local judge, and the nation’s largest e-voting company have their way. And that’s not all we won’t get to find out about.

The battle for election integrity continues in Venango, with the County Commissioners teaming up with e-voting vendor Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S) on one side, and the county’s renegade interim Republican-majority Board of Elections on the other. The Commissioners and ES&S have been working to spike the independent scientific forensic audit of the county’s failed electronic voting machines that was commissioned by the interim Board of Elections. Making matters worse, the Board has now been removed from power by a county judge, a decision they are attempting to appeal….

Vote-flipping, missing candidates, unauthorized access to the central tabulator, and who’s in trouble?

The computer scientist who did the audit at the request of the Election Board, who is under threat of being sued for disclosing supersecret ES&S whatchamagollums, like where the company is located.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Maybe the fact that this is honest Republicans vs. crooked Republicans will help the story get into the media. Heaven knows if it was just a bunch of students or old people or black folks who had their votes stolen, we’d have no chance at all of hearing about it in the regular media.

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Four Car Companies Considering Leaving Alabama Because Of HB 56

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 14, 2011

Courtesy of Sally Jo Sorensen, we have this bit of news:

First, farmers saw the immediate economic catastrophe in Alabama because of the state’s draconian immigration law HB 56 as immigrant workers fled and their crops rotted. Then two high-profile arrests of foreign autoworkers legally in the state potentially put international investment in Alabama at risk. As a result, business leaders are now joining the chorus of voices against HB 56 because of serious economic consequences the anti-immigrant law is having on the state — while the state’s governor is playing damage control with the four foreign automakers that employ tens of thousands of Alabamians.

Hint to foreign auto company executives: Anti-union “Right to work” states are that way because unions fight for the rights of all workers, including non-white ones and those born outside of the US. There’s a reason that the “right to work” concept is most strongly upheld in the former (?) slave states, and that reason has a lot to do with the corporate-bigot alliance called “The Southern Strategy”.

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