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Rumors of his replacement have been greatly exaggerated

Posted by Charles II on December 18, 2011

In one of the weirder events of the season, President Asif Ali Zardari is back in Pakistan after what was widely assumed to be a coup when he traveled unexpectedly to Dubai.

Dawn editorialized:

PRESIDENT Zardari`s return to Pakistan in the early hours of this morning is a significant moment in the context of the speculation that has dominated Pakistan in recent weeks. The word put out by the PPP over the weekend suggested that the possibility of a fatal collision between the government and the army has been averted for now. … Now with President Zardari returning to Pakistan and hopefully appearing in public soon, the rumours about the president`s health and threats to his presidency should subside.

Still, with the Supreme Court to resume hearing of the Memogate [a memo given to Admiral Mike Mullen on the Haqqani network] petitions this morning, the latest bizarre episode in Pakistani politics cannot be assumed to be over. Also, still unknown is the circumstances in which Mr Zardari has returned. Does it suggest that some kind of understanding with the army has been reached and that wobbly civil-military relations will stabilise in the days ahead? Or has the president returned to personally take charge of the political leadership`s response to thinly veiled attacks from other institutions? … Given that all sides do not appear to be keen to climb further up the ladder of escalation but are also wary of appearing as if they have backed down under pressure, time and space may be just what are needed to stave off a fresh round of crisis.

…The preferred course of action, from the point of view of national political stability and institutional harmony, would be for the president to send a signal that he is ready to use his authority to reduce the tensions between Islamabad and Pindi.

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The Ineffable Sadness Of @mbrodkorb And His Twitter Account

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 18, 2011

Poor Michael Brodkorb. How the mighty have fallen.

He, who has spent the past year playing the role of Gríma Wormtongue to Amy Koch’s Théoden (or is it in her case Éowyn?), and who with Tony Sutton has commanded the Republican caucus at the Capitol like a two-bit Svengali dominating a cadre of exceptionally weak-minded Trilbys, who had been leading the charge for Mike Parry to keep TheoCon Allen Quist from being the one to go down in defeat against Tim Walz next year, is now so far off his game that instead of starting new smears or recycling old rejected ones (the latter task having apparently been farmed out to other local Republicans), he is reduced to making Tweets like this one:

So sad.

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