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Guess What: Individual Persons Carry MUCH Higher Tax Burden Than Corporations

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 21, 2011

Since Tony Sutton, some dude called Love, and the Minnesota College Republicans are now following me on Twitter, this is for them:

Ever wonder whether people or corporations carry a heavier tax burden? Well, it’s not even close: people pay more in taxes by a long shot.

Yes, that’s for both Federal and state taxes. In 2008, corporate entities paid only 12.0 percent of federal revenues, while individual taxpayers contributed 45.3 percent to the Treasury. In that same year, corporations accounted for a measly 4.27 percent of state and local revenues, whereas individuals paid 27.9 percent of state revenues in 2008. State corporate income taxes were $52 billion while state personal income taxes were nearly six times greater at $301 billion, and state sales taxes were, at $ 278 billion, not far behind.


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