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If corporations are people, they are very bad people

Posted by Charles II on January 16, 2012

John LaForge, truthout, on the latest atrocity:

In the amoral milieu of the corporate bottom line, you can’t blame Tokyo Electric Power Co. for trying.

Tepco owns the six-reactor Fukushima complex that was wrecked by Japan’s March 11 earthquake and smashed by the resulting tsunami. It faces more than $350 billion in compensation and clean-up costs, as well as likely prosecution for withholding crucial information that may have prevented some radiation exposures and for operating the giant station after being warned about the inadequacy of its protections against disasters.

So, when the company was hauled into Tokyo District Court October 31 by the Sunfield Golf Club, which was demanding decontamination of the golf course, Tepco lawyers tried something novel. They claimed the company isn’t liable because it no longer “owned” the radioactive poisons that were spewed from its destroyed reactors.

“Radioactive materials that scattered and fell from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant belong to individual landowners there, not Tepco,” the company said. This stunned the court, the plaintiffs and the press. An attorney for the golf club said, “We are flabbergasted….”

You gotta admit, that’s a novel defense. If they get away with it, I wonder what’s next? Guys claiming that they are not responsible for the deaths of people they shoot because the bullet is not longer in their gun?

Anyway, as we groan about the outrageous conduct of our corporations, it’s good to keep in mind that foreign corporations aren’t sweethearts either.

4 Responses to “If corporations are people, they are very bad people”

  1. jo6pac said

    Thanks for the laugh and then how sad:(

  2. Corporatism is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic. Since corporations are created by man, they are legally dead things./ They produce in kind, dehumanizing and killing everything they touch. Slavery, the living death, is the product of social incorporation.

  3. MarkH said

    How many lawyers reading that would be upset the had never thought of that particular defense? Duh!

    Executives at these corporations don’t wonder why people fear and hate them. They just want us to pretend, as they do, everything is alright and there is nothing anyone can do to change things.

    Today, even Republicans supporting Ron Paul and independent voters realize something is wrong. The ‘right track’ ‘wrong track’ polls show that. What some may be confused about is who precisely put us on the ‘wrong track’ and who should be given a chance to fix the problems of this country.

    It’s hard to keep up with national economic policy when you have to work several jobs paying minimum wage.

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