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The Republican StarTribune

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 21, 2012

When reading a recent blog post by Nick Coleman, this passage jumped out at me:

Charles W. Bailey, my first editor, ran the Minneapolis Tribune from 1972 to 1982, when he fell on his sword rather than carry out the wishes of the bean counter in the publisher’s office, a small-time Republican pol from Massachusetts named Donald Dwight who had been that state’s Lieutenant Governor but who would spend a long time hiding in his Star and Tribune publisher’s office ducking a subpoena from a Massachusetts corruption probe.

But but but all the conservative wingnuts out there say that the Strib just hated Republicans until DJ Tice came along! How can this be? Does this mean that wingnuts are liars, stupid, or both?

Nick’s response:

The Cowles family came from respectable Iowa business roots; they were good Burghers who thought that what was good for business was good for Minnesota. Altho the Strib might have been considered “liberal” on some social issues, such a Civil Rights and the women’s movement, it was never ahead of the curve on those issues but rather plodded along supporting change, as long as it didn’t go too far. Meanwhile, all the time, the Strib supported policies and politicians good for Dayton’s and Cargill and 3M and…good for the StarTribune. A friend of mine who used to work at the newspaper with me told me he had counted more than 150 fervid editorials supporting new stadia for pro sports franchises. I would bet that number is well over 200 by now. The right-wing attacks on the “Red Star” were never based upon reality but reflected the mouth-foaming views of the crazies who wanted to silence the StarTribune’s criticism of the extremists who were taking over and still control the MN GOP. Those efforts to gag the paper have, in large measure, succeeded.

That’s why you’ll never see at the Strib stories like this one about ALEC’s fingerprints being all over the MN GOP caucus’ legislation, at least not until the Strib’s forced to cover them; just as they were late to the party on the Fall of the House of Sutton, they have been bringing up the rear on the Sviggum conflict of interest scandal too.

2 Responses to “The Republican StarTribune”

  1. Charles II said

    Let’s just say that in the last ten years it went from being a newspaper that occasionally reported the news to one that could pass the news at three paces, uncomprehending. Why anyone buys it or even reads it puzzles me.

  2. Mark Gisleson said

    Nick Coleman tried to fight the worst of the rightwing disinformationists when he was a Strib columnists, and I’m afraid I criticized him for that. The MN right became so freaked out and polarized by Coleman, their constant shrieking literally drowned out a lot of legitimate political dialogue in this state. For a couple of years it seemed as if the only thing the MN right would talk about was Nick Coleman and the “Red Star.”

    Coleman, of course, was free to fight them however he chose. My criticism was over strategy, not the need to call out these lying liars. But even now the right’s arrogant dismissal of the clearly reactionary Strib chafes, just like their “la-la-la I can’t hear you” rejection of Media Matters well-researched articles galls.

    As for why people buy the Strib, well, they do have decent coverage of the Minnesota Timberwolves, even if they do misallocate their resources to over-cover the Vikings and Twins. Sports and ads? Isnt’ that why most people buy newspapers nowadays?

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