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Say The Words, John Blake: South-ern Strat-e-gy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 24, 2012

This piece by John Blake is interesting for what it says, but even more for what it doesn’t say:

President Ronald Reagan gave America a sunny “Morning in America” optimism, but he also gave it the “Welfare Queen,” an infamous character who has re-emerged in this year’s presidential race.

Critics have accused the three leading Republican presidential candidates of resurrecting Reagan’s Welfare Queen by calling President Obama the “food stamp president,” implying that blacks live off other people’s money, and by declaring that America is moving toward an “entitlement society.”

Yet few people have examined the story behind the birth of the Welfare Queen. Did she really exist? Why do people still talk about her when welfare ended 15 years ago? Can her story still swing voters at a time when the great recession has forced more whites to rely on government assistance?

Blake then goes on to ask whether or not there was a real “Welfare Queen”, and quotes Reagan apologists saying that the story really didn’t mean Old Ronnie — the same guy who, among other things, kicked off his 1980 presidential campaign by giving a “states’ rights” (i.e., anti-civil-rights) speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the site where three civil rights workers were brutally murdered — was racist or a race-baiting prick.

But there are two words missing from Blake’s piece: Southern Strategy.

Why did Blake leave them out? In my view, because so long as the existence and use of the Southern Strategy, both in the past and in the present day, is ignored or denied, then it enables the Republicans who Blake interviewed to make his piece “fair and balanced” (in the finest FOX News tradition where “balance” means letting Republicans skate on wrongdoings) to pretend that racism isn’t part and parcel of the modern-day Republican Party.

Southern Strategy. C’mon, John Blake, say it with me: South-ern Strat-e-gy. It’s not that hard, is it? Michael Steele could do it, so can you.


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