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Obama Finally Figuring Out How To Deal With Republicans?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 27, 2012

Nice to see the President landing a few hard blows on right-wingers for a change:

Republicans said it was unconstitutional. An overreach of executive power. A blatant slap at the Senate.

But when it comes to waging war over a handful of obscure recess appointments, the Senate GOP is struggling with how to respond.

They fear a knock-down, drag-out fight is exactly what the White House wants — and that President Barack Obama would use such a battle to ratchet up his campaign against a dysfunctional and gridlocked Congress. The internal debate highlights the party’s challenges, with public opinion soured on Congress and Republicans still lacking a presidential nominee to rally behind.

Ahead of a closed-door party retreat Wednesday at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, Senate Republicans suggested that they might let their business allies fight the battle over recess appointments for the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The 47-member conference didn’t reach a resolution Wednesday.

Translation: We got our asses kicked on the last shutdown battle, and we’re not eager to do that again right before we have to run for re-election.

5 Responses to “Obama Finally Figuring Out How To Deal With Republicans?”

  1. Charles II said

    It’s election season, PW. Don’t get your hopes up.

    All of our leaders suffer from something like Jerusalem Syndrome. They all think they are George Washington or Abraham Lincoln when the truth is that most are closer to Franklin Pierce.

    Obama has delusions of being Lincoln, The Great Reconciler.

    Well, it’s 1864. He still hasn’t found his Grant, and Vicksburg is in Confederate hands.

  2. MarkH said

    How long has it been since the Left had a president who said things they liked? And you would walk away from the chance to get a lot of what you want? Bizarre.

    • Charles II said

      Obama says lots of things that I like. Neither I nor PW nor Jo6pac are “the Left”?

      So the better question would be “How long has it been since you (PW, Charles, or Jo) had a president who did things you liked?”

      It’s a question that I’m quite willing to answer, if first you answer this question: “How long has the Democratic Party been equating disagreeing with conservative policy with disloyalty?” That question is relevant especially in light of the fact that the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature policy, was designed by the Heritage Foundation and opposed by many or perhaps most Democrats until 2008.

      Accusing a substantial portion of Democrats of disloyalty would not be my first choice if I were trying to rally people to vote for the Democratic candidate, as the White House has done.

  3. Charles II said

    Oh, PW… I also meant to mention that it’s even possible the Republicans are afraid that their hypocrisy will be too extreme for the media to cover for them

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