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They Made Sure Everyone Knew Convicted Killer Ira Einhorn Was Part Of Earth Day…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 1, 2012

…yet when a locally-prominent Republican gets noticed nationally for doing something similarly wrong, his party ID is tucked away.

I was reminded of that when I saw the teaser for a Huffington Post story: “Politician Arrested for 1979 Murder”.

When I read the story, I noticed that it left out the political party of the city councilman, Gregory Scott Hopkins, arrested for the 1979 murder of his lover, Catherine Walsh.

I’ve noticed in the past that whenever a politician or prominent activist figure is accused of a crime, his or her political affiliation can usually be guessed by whether or not it’s mentioned in the coverage of said crime. If the politician or figure is a Democrat or anyone that’s ever so slightly to the left, that fact gets mentioned early and often, typically within the first couple of paragraphs. If the politician is a conservative and/or Republican, that fact often doesn’t get mentioned at all.

Sure enough, most other coverage, national and local, left out the accused killer’s party ID.

It was left out of this CBS Pittsburgh story.

It was left out of this Beaver County (Pennsylvania) Times story.

It was left out of this other Beaver County Times story.

It was mentioned in this other Beaver County Times story, but only in a sidebar.

Interestingly enough, the only paper to not only note the accused perp’s party ID, but to put it in the story’s title, was a overseas one, the UK’s Daily Mail.

Make of that what you will.

5 Responses to “They Made Sure Everyone Knew Convicted Killer Ira Einhorn Was Part Of Earth Day…”

  1. Mark Gisleson said

    You mean like the way the Strib left out all details of party affiliation when they ran that hideous pro-billionaire pity party op-ed from Daniel McGroarty today? You had to scroll to the bottom of the second page to find out that he was a former White House speechwriter, and then you had to read the comments to find out it was in Bush 1’s White House.

    • Heh! Yeah, the “Red Star” as the Republicans like to lie about it.

      If you read the Daily Mail’s comments, most of them are from Republicans whining that the paper IDed him as such. I guess the fact that he’s an elected politician is unimportant to them because he’s one of them?

  2. Charles II said

    And, of course, on FOX News, anyone who does something bad is automatically transmogrified into a Democrat.

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