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Me or your lying eyes? Media and government create a false reality about protests.

Posted by Charles II on February 5, 2012

In watching most television, it’s sometimes wise not to trust your eyes. In this piece, police clumsily disguised as Black Bloc protesters attempt to discredit a Canadian protest. And are caught at it. According to what the National Lawyers Guild has reported, this goes on all the time in the US. The US media never report on it.

8 Responses to “Me or your lying eyes? Media and government create a false reality about protests.”

  1. Thanks, Charles. Nice to see that some nations still have a functioning media that doesn’t shill for corporate interests 24/7.

    By the way, the Occupy movement, contrary to what US media would have you believe, is still alive and kicking in over five dozen cities in the US alone:

    • Charles II said

      And Occupy Oakland avoided violence during the march last night, despite the fact that it was a F the Police march, which pointedly advertised that no methods of dealing with police violence were excluded.

      They did an Aquapy, too… boats. The cops made them leave and seized the boats, but the rescue squad who fished them out were on their side.

  2. Stormcrow said

    This is most of the reason I haven’t bothered to connect my television set to a cable line for the last 16 years and counting.

    Mental hygiene is so much easier if you never allow the toxic memes access to your head through the most classical route in the first place.

    Just break the chain of infection at its weakest link.

    Works fine with yersinia pestis; that’s why the Third Pandemic never amounted to a hill of beans in this country or Western Europe.

    • Charles II said

      I watch things like Keith, Rachel, Alyona, Al Jazeera, and Amy Goodman. Good as well as evil can come across cable.

      I haven’t been tempted to watch the dark side (FOX). Sometimes I like watching the dim side (CNBC).

    • One has to watch every so often to find out exactly what sort of tropes are being pushed onto people, so you can combat the tropes. That’s about it.

    • Charles II said

      Yeah, RT is biased/dishonest about Syria and other MENA countries, Al Jazeera is biased/dishonest about the Sunni monarchies, and so on. The countries financing these stations have their national interests, and the broadcaster is on a leash.

      The problem with US state TV (FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc) is that there are so many US interests that it can’t seem to be honest about anything

      • Exactly. Which is why folks from outside the US dread having to rely on US news media when they come to visit. (Interestingly, the overseas versions of US media conglomerates are often better than their domestic counterparts — CNN International is almost worth reading/viewing much of the time.)

  3. MEC said

    By no coincidence whatsoever, Canada’s rightwingers would love to get rid of CBC.

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