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Birth Control: What the GOP’s Pet Bishops Don’t Want You To Know

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 12, 2012

Here’s some of what the GOP-allied US branch of the world’s largest organized group of pedophile enablers doesn’t want you to know:

There’s this: Catholic health group says it backs Obama compromise on birth control policy (That would be the Catholic Health Organization, which is headed by a nun, Sister Carol Keehan. Nuns seem to have a track record of being more sensible and compassionate in this regard than the (male) bishops whose pronouncements are given press coverage; of course, this compassion and good sense can get them in trouble with their misogynist bishop bosses.)

And this: How the Vatican Almost Embraced Birth Control (Of course, the Vatican has embraced what it calls “the rhythm method” and the mucus-testing method, except that neither of those actually works anywhere as well as real contraceptives such as condoms or birth-control pills — for one thing, both, especially the mucus method, require a level of familiarity and comfort with both one’s own body and that of one’s partner that is hard to achieve for Catholic couples reared to think of their bodies as icky and dirty. As the old joke goes, “What do you call a man and woman who practice the rhythm method? Parents.”)

And of course this: Catholic institutions here cover birth control (“Here” being New York state, the apparent model for Obama’s original proposal.)

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One Response to “Birth Control: What the GOP’s Pet Bishops Don’t Want You To Know”

  1. Charles II said

    Yeah, I loved the New York bishops wail: We have been under this same law for 10 years, but now you’ve gone too far to make other states do the same! How can people say these things without puking at their own hypocrisy?

    And it’s not just New York. Joseph Berger and Thomas Kaplan, NYT:

    New York, whose population is an estimated 40 percent Catholic, is one of 28 states that have required insurers to cover contraception. Twenty of those states permit some exemptions, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which researches sexual and reproductive health issues.

    “It goes from eight states that don’t permit any refusal at all to another eight states that allow a variety of organizations to refuse, including hospitals,” said Elizabeth Nash, the state issues manager for the institute.

    I am very sympathetic to what the Catholic Church claims to be teaching, namely respect for life. I am completely unsympathetic to what it actually is teaching, which is riddled with hypocrisy and internal contradictions.

    The Church claims to want to promote respect for life, which it says it believes begins at the moment of fertilization. But this makes God out to be a mass murderer, since so many fertilized eggs fail to implant. It also makes the Church a hypocrite when it refuses to permit barrier methods and other methods of birth control that don’t affect fertilized eggs. And this hypocrisy becomes all the more plain by the unwillingness of the Church to look for solutions that accommodate both genuine respect for life as a church teaching and genuine respect for freedom of conscience.

    Suppose the Church agreed to simply give employees a sum of money sufficient to buy supplemental insurance to cover contraception and tell them, “This is your decision. You can either violate Church teaching and spend the money for contraception, or you can abide by Church teaching and do something else with it.” This is the kind of solution that keeps the Church’s hands absolutely clean, while also genuinely respecting freedom of conscience. I am certain that the Administration would accept this as compliance.

    Because the Church refuses to seek conciliation, because it insists on being so obviously hypocritical, no one can trust it. We see this reflected in what amounts to a rebellion of the laity against the teachings about contraception. The problem is, when trust is broken so badly on one issue, it is wounded on other issues.

    The world needs a Catholic Church that can lead on issues of conscience. What it has is a Church crippled by internal contradictions.

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