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A spear through the Heartland

Posted by Charles II on February 14, 2012

Thanks to Quentin Compson on Eschaton, in comments.

Documents from the Heartland Institute reveal its donors. Its “policy positions, strategies and budget distinguish it clear[ly] as a lobby firm that is misrepresenting itself as a ‘think tank’

Based on these documents, Joe Romm names names of paid denialists, including David Wojick of Carnegie Mellon/US Office of Naval Research/Naval Research Lab and currently a consultant with DoE.

And who else is on the gravy train? “At the moment, this funding goes primarily to Craig Idso ($11,600 per month), Fred Singer ($5,000 per month, plus expenses), Robert Carter ($1,667 per month), and a number of other individuals

Not to mention useful tools, like Andrew Revkin, who used the NY Times to spread confusion and doubt.

This is a very big deal. The denialist network and who pays for it is now public knowledge. And nothing is more lethal to professional liars than the truth.

5 Responses to “A spear through the Heartland”

  1. walkersux said

    Check for Operation Angry Badger in the same doc.

  2. Charles II said

    Ask and ye shall receive:

    C. Operation Angry Badger
    Wisconsin was the focus of national attention due to recall campaigns waged in 2011, and
    campaigns are taking place in 2012 against Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and
    three Republican senators who voted for Act 10, the landmark collective bargaining reform
    legislation adopted in 2011. We have been following the Wisconsin debate closely, reporting on
    it in Budget & Tax News, commenting in op-eds and LTEs and on blogs, doing television and
    radio interviews, and sending research and commentary to elected officials in Wisconsin and
    The recall elections of 2012 amount to a referenda on collective bargaining reform at the state
    level, making them of national interest. Successful recalls would be a major setback to the
    national effort to rein in public sector compensation and union power. Heartland is the largest
    and most influential national free-market think tank in the Midwest, so we are in the right place
    and with the right resources to help defend and secure Wisconsin’s recent gains.
    We are contemplating five projects:
    1. Recruit and promote superintendents who support Act 10
    2. Explain the benefits of Act 10
    3. Document the shortcomings of public schools in Wisconsin
    4. Expose teacher pay in key districts
    5. Create blogs that shadow small town newspaper coverage of the controversy
    We anticipate that this project will cost about $612,000. Maureen Martin, Heartland’s legal
    counsel, with be the chief researcher and writer for this project. The anonymous donor has
    pledged $100,000 toward this project. We are circulating a proposal to other potential funders.

    It’s pretty much over the edge as far as engaging in politics.

  3. Heartland’s already claiming the docs are bogus and that the info in them is as well, but won’t provide evidence to back up its assertions. Heh.

    • Charles II said

      Then they’re backtracking. They were claiming that one of the documents was bogus but admitted that they had accidentally sent a bunch of documents out.

      • They’re flailing blindly at this point. What with this and with the financial murkiness, they are in a world of trouble, trouble they did not expect, much plan to confront, and so they literally have no clue what to do aside from putting on the victimhood mantle again.

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