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Got A Disability? Voter ID’s Kiffmeyer Says “No Vote For You!”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 21, 2012

Not content with trying to take away voting rights from non-whites and non-Republicans, ALEC’s own Mary Kiffmeyer (who along with her voter-ID running buddies at Minnesota Majority is really into “racial purity”) wants to take them away from the differently-abled as well.  Check this out:

4.1    Sec. 5. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 524.5-120, is amended to read:
4.3The ward or protected person retains all rights not restricted by court order and these
4.4rights must be enforced by the court. These rights include the right to:
4.5(1) treatment with dignity and respect;
4.6(2) due consideration of current and previously stated personal desires, medical
4.7treatment preferences, religious beliefs, and other preferences and opinions in decisions
4.8made by the guardian or conservator;
4.9(3) receive timely and appropriate health care and medical treatment that does not
4.10violate known conscientious, religious, or moral beliefs of the ward or protected person;
4.11(4) exercise control of all aspects of life not delegated specifically by court order
4.12to the guardian or conservator;
4.13(5) guardianship or conservatorship services individually suited to the ward’s or
4.14protected person’s conditions and needs;
4.15(6) petition the court to prevent or initiate a change in abode;
4.16(7) care, comfort, social and recreational needs, training, education, habilitation, and
4.17rehabilitation care and services, within available resources;
4.18(8) be consulted concerning, and to decide to the extent possible, the reasonable
4.19care and disposition of the ward’s or protected person’s clothing, furniture, vehicles, and
4.20other personal effects, to object to the disposition of personal property and effects, and to
4.21petition the court for a review of the guardian’s or conservator’s proposed disposition;
4.22(9) personal privacy;
4.23(10) communication and visitation with persons of the ward’s or protected person’s
4.24choice, provided that if the guardian has found that certain communication or visitation
4.25may result in harm to the ward’s or protected person’s health, safety, or well-being, that
4.26communication or visitation may be restricted but only to the extent necessary to prevent
4.27the harm;
4.28(11) marry and procreate, unless court approval is required, and to consent or object
4.29to sterilization as provided in section 524.5-313, paragraph (c), clause (4), item (iv);
4.30(12) petition the court for termination or modification of the guardianship or
4.31conservatorship or for other appropriate relief;
4.32(13) be represented by an attorney in any proceeding or for the purpose of petitioning
4.33the court;
4.34(14) vote, unless restricted by the court; and pursuant to the Minnesota Constitution,
4.35article VII: an individual placed under a guardianship shall not be entitled or permitted to
5.1vote at any election in this state; an individual placed under a limited guardianship retains
5.2the right to vote unless otherwise ordered by the court; and
5.3(15) execute a health care directive, including both health care instructions and the
5.4appointment of a health care agent, if the court has not granted a guardian any of the
5.5powers or duties under section 524.5-313, paragraph (c), clause (1), (2), or (4).

Quick reader’s guide:  The stuff that is plain type is in the bill as it currently exists.  The underlined stuff is new text; the crossed off stuff is stricken.

The proposed change in 4.34(14) is particularly noteworthy — and vile.

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