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Will Redistricting Mean An End To Boondoggle Bridge Plans?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 23, 2012

It’s been a good news, bad news kinda week so far for Michele Bachmann.

The good news: The Stillwater area, the most liberal part of her district, now is in another district thanks to redistricting — which means that she’s Congresswoman-for-Life, with the Wright County Megachurchers backing her. (Well, so long as they’re not too upset that she doesn’t want to live near them, being that she lives in the Stillwater area.)

The bad news: The Stillwater area is where her pet boondoggle, the planned $700 million replacement for a historic bridge that MnDOT says is safe and doesn’t need replacing, is slated to go — and now that area is in the CD of Betty McCollum, who has been opposed to the $700 million Boondoggle Bridge from the get-go.

As Karl Bremer says over at Ripple in Stillwater:

Bachmann’s marquee issue—the $700-million Boondoggle Bridge across the St. Croix River—will be null and void for her if she decides to run in the 6th CD, as the proposed new bridge site in Oak Park Heights, the City of Stillwater and the old Stillwater Lift Bridge are now in the 4th CD—McCollum’s district. That will leave the Star-Tribune and Pioneer Press newspaper editorialists, along with Stillwater Mayor Ken Harycki and his cronies, looking like fools for chastising McCollum to stay out of the bridge debate because it’s not in her district. This scenario would clearly make the bridge debate McCollum’s issue and not Bachmann’s.

Indeed. And, as it turns out, Bachmann is indeed going to run in the Sixth, even though she now lives in the Fourth.

5 Responses to “Will Redistricting Mean An End To Boondoggle Bridge Plans?”

  1. David W. said

    As if Governor Dayton, Senator Kloubachar and Senator Franken don’t also count in this matter, as well as Representative Kind and Senator Kohl. We’ll see if an exemption is included in the House transportation bill soon enough, and given approval for an exemption passed out of the House transportation committee already it doesn’t seem likely that McCollum’s opposition will be enough to stop it.

  2. David W. said

    FYI, the “sensible” bridge cost is more like $500 million, for half as much bridge and twice the environmental impact:

    Diagonal Bridge Revised Concept – MnDOT Review (December 2011)

    Which is why it’s not a serious proposal. As I’ve maintained all along, it’s merely a tactic designed to frustrate the building of any new bridge. That McCollum has latched onto it doesn’t do her any credit whatsoever.

  3. MarkH said

    Isn’t it illegal to run for office in a district where you don’t live?

    BTW, exactly where does Mitt Romney live?

  4. David W. said

    Looks like we’re going to have a vote on the bridge as early as tomorrow in the U.S. House, which I expect will pass despite some last-minute kvetching I’m sure:

    Why do I expect it? Because generally speaking, you don’t schedule a vote unless you’ve counted your chickens first to make sure they’re going to hatch… ;-)

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