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Does MinnPost Have A New Revenue Stream Via Selling Its Commenters?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 25, 2012

We’re all familiar with direct-mail marketing, at least of the paper mail kind. Mailing lists of people who might be interested in what you have to sell are quite valuable, and are often sold by one group or commercial interest to similarly-employed or similarly-minded groups or interests.

This is, I suspect, what may be at work here:

Does MinnPost have a new revenue stream via selling its commenters much as a magazine might sell its subscriber list? If so, I wonder how much the U paid MinnPost for access to its commenters?

4 Responses to “Does MinnPost Have A New Revenue Stream Via Selling Its Commenters?”

  1. Dave Porter said

    Couldn’t this also be a way of marketing MinnPost to advertisers?
    If you can show your site draws desirable demographics, you can get a premium.
    Beats peddling screen space to generic providers, eh?

    • Phoenix Woman said


      • Dave Porter said

        Back in the day (before Nixon was even president, let alone a felon), I took a sociology class at the UofM that included this gem: “If you do everything right in providing a service; if your price is fair; your demeanor and integrity beyond reproach; your work without mistakes – only one person in eight just might eventually get around to referring you and your business to anyone else.”
        “If you screw up in the tiniest way – your customer will invariably tell at least 28 people all about it within the following year. This is why it is so damned hard to succeed in business, or anything else.”

        After more than thirty years of making my living practicing law as a sole practitioner in south Minneapolis, I believe this particular truism to be true.

        Having said all that, I just want to get to my point: You are a conscientious writer, and I value your opinions and postings both here and on Firedoglake. Please keep it up.

        Dave Porter

  2. MinnPost never sells its mailing lists, period. We agreed to cooperate with this academic study by University of Minnesota researchers, in the interest of supporting scholarship about online journalism. We are not receiving any economic benefit from this study, and in fact are donating the time of our editors and writers who will be interviewed.

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