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Honduras: the Comayagua prison fire and a fire at Comayagüela

Posted by Charles II on February 25, 2012

Via Adrienne (here and here), David Dougherty of TRNP on the fire:

and Dana Frank on Counterspin. The latter starts at 17:00. Frank believes that the publication of her OpEd in the NYT indicates a slight opening in the imperial position regarding Honduras, and that this could have budgetary consequences if people (like, say, you, dear reader) stand up on this issue.

RAJ also reports on a massive fire in a market in Comayagüela, which is near Tegucigalpa. Citing Tiempo, it:

destroyed 846 market stalls in the Colon market; half of the 800+ stalls of the San Isidro market; 60% of the Quinta Avenida market; as well as three rows in the Alvarez market, 10 businesses of the San Miguel market, plus other shelters across from the church of Maria Auxiliadora on First Street, and others on Sixth Avenue along the Colon and San Isidro markets. Estimates are that 5000 small market businesses were affected.

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