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Breitbart’s Successors Blow Up His Website, Lose Over 99% Of Site Traffic

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 8, 2012

Charles Johnson of LGF has the deets:

Check out what happens if you click on any link at Google to articles at Big Government, Big Journalism, or Big Peace.

Yes, it’s true. All the direct links to old articles at all the “Big” sites are broken. They all redirect to the front page of

That means no one who’s searching for an article at one of their sites can get to it through Google or Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine. I wonder how long it will take the Breitbart brain trust to notice that their traffic to thousands and thousands of articles has suddenly completely stopped? (Probably not long, now that I’m posting this.)

It’s been this way all week. When they redesigned (and got rid of its news feed services), they apparently changed their URL schema without even thinking about what would happen to the millions of existing links out there, and completely hosed all of their search results.

And it’s not just search engines; all links to their old articles at all websites are broken. Links at blogs, news sites, places like Digg and Reddit and LGF — all broken.

Know what’s even funnier? Johnson’s post went up at 9:59 am PST today. It’s five hours later, and the Breitbarties still haven’t fixed it.

Don’t tell me that Breitbart was the only one of the bunch that knew how to write code for the Web. Or has Breitbart’s sugar daddy (or daddies?) pulled the funding plug already?


5 Responses to “Breitbart’s Successors Blow Up His Website, Lose Over 99% Of Site Traffic”

  1. Mark Gisleson said

    Astonishing. How can you redesign a major website and not have a clue how URLs work?

    • Worse yet, how can you do it and then not even attempt to fix them? It’s been a whole week now — and nearly a day and a half since LGF pointed out the toasted URLs — and they’re still busted.

      My guess is that whatever sugar-daddy arrangements Breitbart had only covered himself, not his websites. If that’s the case, they probably can’t afford to get real coders because Breitbart’s patron won’t step in to pay for them.

      • Mark Gisleson said

        Without a clue as to what actually happened, I have a different theory. Over at my buddy Vick’s book review blog in the Dayton Daily News, the wingnuts are in high froth about EVERYTHING. They’re in a death cycle downward spiral feeding frenzy, and the break from reality seems to have finally been completed about the time they started seeing Santorum as a solution.

        I’m sure the Breitbartians knew that as the smartest people on planet earth, how hard could a website redesign be?

      • Charles II said

        Isn’t this exactly what the left-right divide is all about?

        The left, having at least a nodding acquaintance with reality, begins planning from what exists and works toward a desired goal.

        The right, having departed from reality some time ago, begins with the goal and waits for reality to discover them.

        I wish it were true that the wingnuts were in a death spiral, as Mark thinks. That is, unfortunately, their normal churn. It’s American democracy that is in the death spiral, as the right and the far right struggle over the controls, while the left and the center sit in the back seat, the one in horror, and the other fast asleep as the ground looms closer and closer.

  2. Speaking of “death spiral” — the Rush cooties have spread to the rest of right-wing talk radio as big-money advertisers flee.

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