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Alabama’s HB 56 Follies: US Citizen Falsely Told She Wasn’t

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 14, 2012

One can’t help but wonder if incidents like this one are an intended result of the new anti-voter and anti-brown-person laws coming out of ALEC’s legislative shop and passed on to Republican state legislatures for minor edits and rubberstamping:

When Carmen Vélez tried to renew her car tag in Athens, Ala., she was told she needed to show her birth certificate.

She had not brought it because she didn’t think it was necessary. She returned later with two copies—and older copy and a newer one. The attendant refused to accept them, saying she need a U.S. birth certificate.

Carmen was at a loss. She was born in Puerto Rico, which is, of course, an unincorporated territory of the United States. Its residents have been U.S. citizens for nearly a century.

This is beyond obscene. And yes, it’s another ALEC production.

2 Responses to “Alabama’s HB 56 Follies: US Citizen Falsely Told She Wasn’t”

  1. MEC said

    Aside from the willful ignorance of the clerk who refused to accept the Puerto Rican document as a U.S. birth certificate … is it really a requirement that all applicants for car registration show a U.S. birth certificate? That would prohibit all naturalized citizens and legal immigrants from registering their cars. (It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the regulation were that stringent, and it’s not just a bigoted clerk making up the requirement.)

  2. Charles II said

    MEC, I think in Alabama, the box on the form reads either “Them folks” or “One of us”

    And we know who them folks iz.

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