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Are the tips of those ears blushing? (Spocko gets some just due)

Posted by Charles II on March 17, 2012

Via bo in comments at Eschaton, Spocko gets named. Joe Garofoli, SanFranChon:

The campaign to pressure advertisers to leave conservative Rush Limbaugh’s radio show after his misogynistic comments about a college student looks familiar – it was presaged six years ago in a similar effort directed at a San Francisco talk-radio station by an anonymous blogger called Spocko.

It’s always a good day when someone who has worked for justice gets noticed. A round of Guinness on the house.

2 Responses to “Are the tips of those ears blushing? (Spocko gets some just due)”

  1. Just polishing off a pint of this fine stuff, after which I’ll have a “Big Ginger” — a mix of ginger ale with Two Gingers Irish Whiskey — in Spocko’s honor.

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