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Thanks for connecting the last remaining dot

Posted by Charles II on March 22, 2012

Lucia Graves, HuffPo

After months of investigations into Solyndra and other Department of Energy loans failed to produce a smoking gun, one Republican lawmaker let slip why House Republicans have kept up the charge.

In an interview following yet another hearing in which Energy Secretary Steven Chu testified about the Department’s loan guarantee program, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) appeared to admit that Republicans’ ongoing probes of the program — from which the bankrupt California-based solar company Solyndra and others benefited — are largely a play to win votes in November.

“Our staff will continue to dig into it and see,” Jordan told Environment & Energy Daily. “But what I hope happens is we stop doing these kind of things … this whole cronyism approach to the marketplace.

“Ultimately, we’ll stop it on Election Day, hopefully. And bringing attention to these things helps the voters and citizens of the country make the kind of decision that I hope helps them as they evaluate who they are going to vote for in November.”

“I think leadership doesn’t want to be seen as using the gavels here for political purposes,” [Cong. Steve] King [R-Tea Party, who is running the Fast and Furious spanking of the Department of Injustice] told The Hill in an interview. “I think there’s a bit of an aversion to that. Me? I have no reservations about that. This is politics.”

I’m certainly not shocked that they are engaged in politics in Washington. I am disappointed that so many Americans can’t figure this out.


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