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Out of the clear blue sky: Murdoch’s Sky admits computer hack

Posted by Charles II on April 5, 2012

Dan Sabbagh, Nick Davies, and Robert Booth, The Guardian:

Sky News has admitted that one of its senior executives authorised a journalist to conduct email hacking on two separate occasions that it said were “in the public interest” – even though intercepting emails is a prima facie breach of the Computer Misuse Act, to which there is no such defence written in law.

Both instances of hacking were approved by Simon Cole, the managing editor of Sky News.

There have been consequences to the stock price:


2 Responses to “Out of the clear blue sky: Murdoch’s Sky admits computer hack”

  1. So much for the “it’s just the newspaper arm that’s corrupt” gambit.

    Murdoch’s people are known for their lickspittle sycophancy and their related refusal to risk straying from whatever path Murdoch has outlined. They wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t think Murdoch himself would approve of it.

  2. jo6pac said

    They signed this agreement this year, this is one of the largest watched sports on TV and one of the richest. I hope they lose the contract.

    I sent Greenhouse questions/answers to an aol address you left over at TB-3

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