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The Four Stooges

Posted by Charles II on April 13, 2012

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League mixes it up with Hollywood. Yes, Mr. Donohue, The Three Stooges is tasteless, puerile fare (please note the correct spelling). It always has been, even back in the sainted 1950s when segregation was legal, the Catholic Church was in many places teaching anti-Semitism, and abortion was common but underground.

About the only effect I see this having is getting lots more people to go to the movie, which would otherwise die and be buried in an unmarked grave. But perhaps it will serve to get the sort of crabbed, sour people who fund the Catholic League to give more money to fund Mr. Donohue’s crabbed, sour preachments.


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Murdoch computer hack against novelist. It’s in the public interest!

Posted by Charles II on April 13, 2012

Murdoch’s minions have been claiming that whatever hacking they did was in the public interest, something that might convince the faithful when it deals with suspected criminals. But a novelist? Sam Marsden of The Independent (The Guardian, oddly, seems to be behind the curve on this), reports as follows:

A detective unmasked as the writer of an anonymous blog after a Times journalist hacked into his email is suing the paper for damages, his solicitor has said.

Lancashire policeman Richard Horton, who was exposed by the News International title as the author of the award-winning NightJack blog in 2009, filed a civil claim with the High Court on Wednesday.

The Leveson Inquiry into press standards has heard that former Times reporter Patrick Foster hacked into Mr Horton’s emails in May 2009 to discover he was behind the NightJack blog.

Oh, but the Times’ editor was “furious” over the hacking, and demanded that the reporter discover the same information by legal means.

Instead of, ya know, firing him.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on April 13, 2012

“My chair. You get your own.”

Friday Cat Blogging

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