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Wikileak head Assange to appear on RT

Posted by Charles II on April 14, 2012

More evidence that RT is actually shaking things up in the news business. From CNN:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange plans to debut a talk show, “The World Tomorrow,” on Russia’s state-funded television network next week.

Assange and RT, an English-language international satellite news channel, would not release the guest lineup in advance, but hinted that the first interview would be controversial.

The WikiLeaks website for “The World Tomorrow” said Friday there would be 12 shows in total, each featuring a 26-minute edited interview.

I have no idea whether Assange will be good, bad, or indifferent as a talk host. I do think that if there were a competitive media, someone would have had him (and a lot of other people) at least finding out whether people were interested. Instead, people who are well-liked but controversial, like Donahue and Olbermann, are banned, while people like Tweety and Spitzer talk to that small hard core cadre of people who have fallen asleep in their La-Z-Boys. This is pretty clear evidence that decisions about who gets on the air are not being based on simple financial considerations. When we have to thank Vladimir Putin for making American capitalism competitive, something is seriously wrong.

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