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Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Republican Voter Fraud Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 15, 2012

Always remember — when Republicans accuse others of doing something naughty, it’s very likely because they’re doing it themselves:

More than a year since a state district judge ruled 10 Montgomery County residents voted fraudulently in a Woodlands election, a grand jury last week indicted seven of those individuals for illegal voting.

The indictments stem from the May 8, 2010, election of The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1. Ten individuals listed their voter registration address as that of a hotel in order to take control of the RUD board.

Former Montgomery County Judge candidate Adrian Heath heads the list of people charged with the third-degree felony. Heath declined comment, saying he was looking into hiring an attorney. […]

According to indictments released by the Texas Attorney General’s Office, the defendants voted in an election they knew they were not eligible to vote.

Hat tip to Joan McCarter.


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Cory Booker, Superhero

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 15, 2012

We all know by now how Newark mayor Cory Booker saved a woman from dying in a fire that had engulfed her home. This, coming on top of previous acts of heroism, have inspired the #CoryBookerStories hashtag on Twitter.

This may well be what propels him to higher office.

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